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Great way for pets to be rehomed. Would recommend for anyone needing to rehome thier pet!



Thank you, and thanks for offering such a great resource! It was wonderful to be able to foster this sweet dog and not have to worry about her being stressed at the shelter. Dana


Sadie’s owner knew Sadie was not 100% happy. She was lacking the space she needed to be active and she needed to be an only dog. They wanted to be able to choose the home Sadie would go to. Sadie was placed on the Home to Home website and her owners were able to find that home for Sadie where she could have the room she needed to be active and receive the one-on-one attention she deserved.

Hi there, just wanted to let you know we were successful in finding an AMAZING home for our Sadie girl via Home to Home with your wonderful organization. Sadie went to her new acreage today and her new family absolutely loves her.
Thanks again for all your help. – Melanie and Dave


Pistol was in need of a new home. Seems he wore out his welcome with the neighbors and it was causing dissension in the neighborhood. 😔He was a beloved barn/garden cat since he was 8 weeks old. The owners tried everything to rectify the situation, but all of their efforts were only temporary solutions. Pistol needed a new home where he could roam free and happy! In enters Home to Home. Within a week Pistol found that forever home where he was able to roam, coming and going as he pleased.

Hi!! This is Cheryl who had Pistol our kitty up for adoption through your home to home sight. HE WAS ADOPTED TO A GREAT HOME TODAY! Thank you SO SO much for your help! – Cheryl