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Sunny and Zoie

Hello, I would like to share my success story with re-homing my dogs. I had come to realization with our busy life that our home was just not the best home for my 2 active dogs. I was just overwhelmed with my daily struggles of having a very large family and working full time having to attend base ball practices and band and school activities. unfortunately, not much time left for the 2 precious dogs I was blessed with. Putting them up at the shelter was not an option for me. So I placed their profile on the Home to Home website and said a prayer. Within 3 to 4 days I was able to find a perfect family to take them in their home. The adoptive family was exactly what I was looking for, they take them camping on their family trips and socialize them on a regular basis take them on multiple walks daily. It could not have worked out better. Even though re-homing a dog can be very stressful on the dog I think this was a much better outcome than if I had turned them into the animal shelter.
Thanks Home To Home for offering this service.

Pet Parent Eleni


We adopted Truffles last week from Home to Home. Our 13 year old beauty is a perfect fit for 2 retired dog lovers❣️ She adores sitting on our laps & getting lots of snuggles.
We have become walking buddies… good for her and me!
Thank you Home to Home for helping us find Truffles, she now has a forever home & is loved?

Pet Parent Pat


Tonks came to the Lally family as a one-year-old rescue from the streets of Los Angeles. When she arrived, she was extremely nervous. She had no training whatsoever. However, she was highly intelligent and seemed to know she was among friends. After just four short months Tonks’ rescue family was able to train her to do a multitude of things: like training her to use a crate, not to bark at the postman, to overcome her aggression towards men and warm up to kids, plus a list of commands. Tonks had advanced beyond recognition and it was time for Tonks to find her forever home.

Her rescue family decided to place Tonks on our Home To Home website in search of that special family. They knew a shelter stay would not be the best thing for Tonks and wanted to find just the right family for her to thrive. Within a week Tonks found her forever home.

Here is what the person who rescued Tonks from the harsh street life of LA had to say:

“We are so thankful to you for providing this service. Tonks has found a wonderful new home with wonderful people who will help her be the best dog she can be.”

Pet Parent Roison


Winston and the owner’s other dog did not get along. It became a serious situation and since Winston was the newcomer to the home, the owner knew to keep everyone safe, Winston needed a home where he could live peaceably.

Winston found it!

When I was posting “Buddy” on your site I saw “Winston” (the mastiff/Newfoundland gentle giant). I sent Winston’s pic and info to my step-son (45-year-old, 6’5″ gentle giant).

“Here is my stepson, Clint and Winston – both gentle giants! Clint adopted Winston from your home to home program. Winston is doing awesome. He is also the office dog (hasn’t warmed up to our big printer yet :)) They are very happy and a great fit for each other. Notice his “Drool Is Cool” bandana? Custom made by Clint’s Aunt, (24.5 inches around). So we are thankful for Home to Home!”

Pet Parent Vicki

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