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For Pet Owners

Rehoming your pet

Home To Home™ was created to help families, people, and pets with the difficult task of
transitioning pet ownership from one home to another. Not only are we here to help, we have also enlisted animal shelters around the country to help us with our mission.

The platform works by allowing an individual to post a profile with pictures of their pet, which is then listed and shared with individuals and families who are interested in adopting a pet. Our mission is to keep animals out of shelters, and instead, rehome them with loving families.

The steps:

  • In order to get the highest level of exposure for your pet, you should first select a participating shelter near you. If you can’t find a participating shelter near you, no worries, you can still continue the rehoming process.
  • Next, you’ll complete a pet profile and upload pictures of your pet
  • Once approved, your pet profile will be published and shared throughout our network.
  • If someone is interested in your pet, you’ll receive an email directly from them that you can respond to privately.
  • Your pet profile will be published for thirty days and automatically removed. If your pet finds a new home, you can remove the pet listing by going to your profile. 
Rehome Your Pet

Find a temporary foster home for your pet 

Life happens. In some cases, finding a temporary foster arrangement can help you and your pet get through a difficult time. The process to find your pet a temporary home is the same as looking to rehome. You are in charge every step of the way and can determine if the prospective foster home is a good fit.

Foster Your Pet

Adopting a pet

Home To Home™ believes in keeping animals out of shelter cages and in loving homes. If you are looking to adopt a pet, start by searching pets available in our network. You can preview available pets based on your location among other search criteria. When you find a pet that interests you, click the profile to get more information and reach out to that pet’s parent directly. If all parties agree it’s a good fit, then the transition is completed on the parties agreed terms. No money should ever exchange hands. See our FAQ section for tips

Search Pets

Become a Foster Pet Parent

Fostering a pet for an individual in need is a great way to make a difference.

More and more people need a temporary home for their pets as they work through urgent situations. Examples include: a housing crisis, escaping a domestic abuse situation, natural disasters, or the need for medical services. Make a difference by fostering a pet in need.

Become a Foster Home

Become a Shelter Partner

Home To Home™ helps shelters connect and provide positive solutions for their communities. Our platform will help your shelter save resources for pets who truly need a shelter’s help, as well as supply valuable data and direct cost savings.

  • 77% of pets posted have a positive outcome
  • 46,000 animals posted in 2022. Any species that are legal to own can be posted for fostering/rehoming.
  • On average, shelters experience a 26% reduction in owner surrenders
  • We currently have 120 shelter partners throughout the US and Canada

Most pet owners assume a shelter is the best place for a pet to go when their family can no longer care for their pet. In reality, shelters cannot replace a loving home. Through our shelter partnerships, pets are benefiting from the support of shelter professionals and avoiding any shelter time.

Start the process to become a shelter partner with Home To Home™ and support our mission of helping families, people, and pets with the difficult task of transitioning pet ownership from one home to another, and out of shelter cages.

Become a Shelter Partner
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