What is Home To Home™?

Home To Home™ is an interactive website created to help shelters and rescues. It provides a positive and proactive method to rehome pets as well as provide support to pet owners in their time of need, when keeping a pet is no longer an option. It gives people the opportunity to find new, loving homes for their pets without having to surrender them at a shelter. Pets go from one home into another, because there is no place like home.

Home To Home™ is about supporting owners as well as their pets. People don’t open their hearts and homes to animals thinking that one day they will give up their companions. Changes happen and rehoming a pet may well be the kindest and most responsible thing to do.

The Home To Home™ program gives owners the peace of mind of choosing a new home that is a good fit. It reduces stress on pets by eliminating shelter stays, and it leaves more shelter resources available to animals with no other options.  In addition, Home To Home™ gives potential new owners a chance to learn more about the animals directly from the current owner.

Our goal is to provide this tool for free to shelters and rescues throughout the nation and world.

Our Story

We understand the heartbreak associated with surrendering your pet to a shelter. The fact is we see it every day. Home-home.org was developed by Panhandle Animal Shelter (PAS), located in Sandpoint, Idaho. It was created to provide pet owners with an alternative to surrendering their animals to a shelter. We at PAS, needed to think outside the box to help our community since we had experienced a large increase in our owner surrenders. We launched the program in our local community and immediately saw positive results.

PAS is happy to expand our lifesaving efforts. Our goal is to provide this tool to shelters and rescues throughout the nation and world for free. As a small animal shelter, we will rely on donations to help offset the administrative fees. If you want to help a shelter join the Home To Home™ program, please donate today.