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What is Home To Home™?

Home To Home™ is an online interactive pet placement platform that helps pet owners find new homes (permanent or temporary) for their pets. Home To Home™ believes pets that need a new home do best if they can be transitioned directly from their current home to a new, loving home and avoid the stress of a stay in an animal shelter.

How it works?

Pet parents looking to rehome or find a foster for their pet create a pet profile on the Home To Home™ platform. The profile is published on the Home To Home website and shared with the community. People interested in fostering or adopting a new pet can see all pet profiles and directly contact pet parents for more information.

Although local shelters are always a resource for urgent pet placement, Home To Home™ knows that pets do best when they can go from one home to another and avoid a stay at an animal shelter.

Home To Home™ provides an intuitive platform for communication between current and potential owners to discuss pets in great detail prior to rehoming. Using the platform also helps prevent overuse of local shelters, freeing up resources for pets with no other option. It is a win-win-win.

Home To Home™ Network

The Home To Home™ Network is a group of like-minded animal welfare organizations that actively use the Home To Home™ platform to benefit the communities they serve. Home To Home™ provides resources for shelters to share with people who need to rehome a pet. Participating organizations reduce the number of pets who are surrendered to animal shelters or other organizations, which saves space for pets with no place else to go. The Home To Home™ platform provides the tools needed to help pets go from one home to another. People looking to rehome their pet can create pet profiles that can be easily shared through communication channels like social media, posters, events, etc. Organizations using the platform receive a customized webpage, technical support, and access to a growing network of animal welfare organizations who are helping pets find loving homes, without the need for a stay at an animal shelter.

Organizations who have joined the Home To Home™ Network report fewer surrendered pets, fewer euthanasias, and more successful and efficient pet rehomings.

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