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Home To Home and Hurricane Ian

Pet owners can find safe, temporary housing for their pets during Hurricane Ian through

Home To Home™ and Code 3 Associates provide a solution to displaced families needing care for their pets. 

September 27, 2022

TAMPA, Fla. – With Hurricane Ian making landfall, many families find themselves needing temporary shelter for themselves and their pets. While there are many shelters and resources to assist families displaced due to the hurricane, not all of them are prepared to house or assist with animals. 

To help people needing emergent pet care, Home To Home™ and Code 3 Associates are working together during the response and recovery efforts during and after Hurricane Ian to help families find temporary placement for their animals while they deal with disaster-related issues. If you have animals you would like to find temporary housing opportunities during this difficult time, OR you would like to help animal owners impacted by Hurricane Ian and have room for animals at your home or property, please be sure to register and create a profile at

“During emergencies, local animal shelters and rescues are often overwhelmed by the need to shelter and care for animals who need a temporary place to stay,” Mandy Evans, Home To Home™  founder, said. “The Home To Home™ platform allows people to go online, create a profile for the pet, and connect directly to locals in their area willing to open up their homes to pets in need. This form of temporary fostering allows shelters to focus on animals who need more specialized care, or don’t have anywhere else to go.” 

Home To Home™, originally created as an online pet rehoming platform, has the capability to offer temporary foster solutions by connecting people needing shelter for their animals with people looking to provide temporary care. While this service is always available, temporary fostering plays an important role during times of crisis such as natural disasters. Home To Home™ is open to all legal pets, from lizards to horses and everything in between. 

To register your pet on Home To Home™, or create a profile to become a foster: 

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Foster Your Pet” or “Become a Foster Home” to create a profile
  3. Fill in as much information as you can to help find a good match faster
  4. Potential fosters can browse pet profiles and will directly contact pet owners to initiate the fostering process

Home To Home™ is able to help provide life-saving disaster support thanks to Code 3 Associates and a generous grant from the BISSELL Pet Foundation. To find or become a temporary pet foster visit  

About Home To Home™

Home To Home™ is an online pet rehoming platform that helps animals go from one home to another. It provides permanent rehoming and temporary foster solutions by connecting people needing to rehome their animals with people looking for their new best friend. Visit to learn more. 

About Code 3 Associates

Code 3 Associates provides professional technical animal rescue and recovery to communities affected by man-made or natural disasters. We respond upon an official request for assistance from the local Emergency Managers or jurisdictional authorities in charge of the animal rescue operations during a disaster. Code 3’s Riders on the Storm Animal Rescue Team and BART (Big Animal Rescue Truck) are ready to assist and support agencies during incidents or events that exceed or severely challenge their ability to provide basic response services. To learn more, visit

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