Butterscotch and Shadow


Butterscotch and Shadow are two very adorable, lovable kittens. They love each other as well and we cannot separate them, they must go together.  They are amazing with little ones! My one year old can play with them and they are extremely patient with her. You will fall in love with these two boys.

We are moving and need to find them a loving home. If you would like to meet them please email me for more information.

Pet post expires at 7:24pm on Tuesday June 13th, 2017

One comment on “Butterscotch and Shadow

  • Love their names and love them too. Sounds like they would be the perfect pets for a young family! It’s actually nice to be able to adopt two kittens (especially since they are already inseparable) as they keep themselves company and entertained! I hope they will find a home soon!

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