When you make that decision to adopt a pet, be a responsible adopter and use your good judgement. It is always a good idea to have a list of questions prepared to ask when going to meet the owner and pet for the first time, or in a phone conversation.  Think of questions that fit your needs and what your expectations are for this new addition to your family. Avoid impulsive decisions because the pet is so cute or happy to see you. Make sure all your questions and concerns are met before you agree to adopt and this will be a match that you and your new pet will be thankful for.

Here are a few guidelines to help you get started. Remember these are only guidelines to help you think of your own needs and what questions you would like to ask. Always use sound judgement when doing a meet and greet. Use the buddy system and take a trusted friend.  This serve two purposes. 1. It is always safer. 2. It gives you a second opinion and can help in the decision making and question process.

1. Who is your veterinarian and when was the last time this pet had a wellness check up?

2. Why are you rehoming your pet?

3. What type of energy does this pet have?

3. Does this pet have any special needs I should be aware of?

4. Is this pet house broke or crate trained etc.?

5. Can I take the pet for a wellness check up to my veterinarian before I agree to adopt?

6. Does this pet have any behavior issues I need to be aware of?

7. Do you expect to be updated on the pets welfare or require visitations?