Winston and the owner’s other dog did not get along.  It became a serious situation and since Winston was the new comer to the home, the owner knew to keep everyone safe, Winston needed a home where he could live peaceably.

Winston Found!

When I was posting “Buddy” on your site I saw “Winston” (the mastiff/Newfoundland gentle giant). I sent Winston’s pic and info to my step-son (45-year-old, 6’5″ gentle giant). 

Here is my stepson, Clint and Winston – both gentle giants! Clint adopted Winston from your home to home program. Winston is doing awesome. He is also the office dog (hasn’t warmed up to our big printer yet :)) They are very happy and a great fit for each other. Notice his “Drool Is Cool” bandana? Custom made by Clint’s Aunt, (24.5 inches around). So we are thankful for home to home! Vicki