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Comanche the Tennessee Walker


I was thrilled when I found Home to Home. Comanche needed to find a great home where he could be loved on, trained and given a job he would be happy doing. The process was simple, easy to follow and we had the most caring horse savvy people step up to adopt him. It took us just over a week to find him a new home. Thank you! Highly recommend! –Andrea & Patrick


Thank you so very much for calling me today. Kimberly and her husband adopted our Waylon today!! We are very pleased he is going to a great home!!

Again, thank you for all you did to help all of us!!!

The people that adopted Waylon have been so kind to share pictures of him, which always brings smiles and loving memories. It was a huge loving success!

Thanks for being there for us!

– Ann

Kodiak and Roscoe

Roscoe and Kodiak were posted to the Home to Home website when their owners found out they had to move, and it was a big cross-country move. Sadly, they were unable to take Roscoe or Kodiak with them, but they really wanted them to be able to stay together. Roscoe being totally blind and Kodiak having a background of abuse from a previous situation, meant they needed a unique home where they would get special care so they could continue to thrive.

They were blessed indeed with exactly that!

Thank you so much for this website. Our prayers have been answered and both of our sweet dogs found a new home to share tonight because of you. It even ended up being a coworker of ours so we know they will take good care of the boys.

God Bless,
Shawn and Bunny

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday was a senior dog whose owner passed away suddenly, leaving Ruby alone and scared before someone found her. She then went to the Shoshone Pet Rescue where she was placed on the Panhandle Animal Shelter’s Home to Home website. The response was amazing with over 1000 shares on Facebook. Ruby Tuesday quickly found a loving home and was no longer alone.

“Home to Home helped us find Ruby Tuesday a wonderful home after her owner passed away. It gave us many excellent prospects to help us find the right fit for her.”

– Shoshone Pet Rescue