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Winston and the owner’s other dog did not get along.  It became a serious situation and since Winston was the new comer to the home, the owner knew to keep everyone safe, Winston needed a home where he could live peaceably.

Winston Found!

When I was posting “Buddy” on your site I saw “Winston” (the mastiff/Newfoundland gentle giant). I sent Winston’s pic and info to my step-son (45-year-old, 6’5″ gentle giant). 

Here is my stepson, Clint and Winston – both gentle giants! Clint adopted Winston from your home to home program. Winston is doing awesome. He is also the office dog (hasn’t warmed up to our big printer yet :)) They are very happy and a great fit for each other. Notice his “Drool Is Cool” bandana? Custom made by Clint’s Aunt, (24.5 inches around). So we are thankful for home to home! Vicki




We adopted Lilly through the Home-Home website last Saturday. We had been looking for a young female cattle dog mix that would fit well with our family. We had our hearts set on the breed and were hoping to find the right dog who would do great with our kids and fit in well with our family. We were so happy to have found Lilly. She was just what we were looking for and had been well cared for by a wonderful family. She fits right in and we all love her like crazy!


Champ/Snake River Animal Shelter

Champ was a young hound that had been owner surrendered, then later adopted through the Snake River Animal Shelter in Idaho Falls. His new owners had to move out of state and couldn’t take Champ with them. They didn’t want Champ to go back to the shelter because he was so terrified there. Champ was very skittish around people. He had always been an outside dog and being indoors made him very uncomfortable. His owners posted him on our Home to Home website and found him a great family that he was very comfortable with and he never had to come back into the shelter environment. Thank you Home to Home!


Kira and Roh/Snake River Animal Shelter

Kira and Roh were posted on the Snake River Home to Home website for about a day before they were adopted. These two sweeties never had to enter the shelter system. Their mom was extremely happy that she didn’t have to go through the surrender process. She was able to choose who would adopt them and it gave her great peace of mind that they went to a good home. Kira and Roh say…There’s No Place Like Home!