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I found my best friend here and she came home with me January 15th. Home To Home is great way to ask questions and make sure everyone comes up a winner.

Pet Parent Mary


I live in a mobile home park where strays are quite common. Hershey was part of a family. I had a few inquiries, but nothing until the perfect person stepped up. She had another cat that was very shy as well. Based on Hershey’s history, she wanted another shy, nice cat. She is now named Luna and doing really well!

Pet Parent Kathy

Rhino and Athena

I adopted Rhino from a wonderful family that moved recently to Seattle. They moved from a large home in Kansas to a busy bustling city, which was a huge change for rhino. The long hours for their work, and rhinos need for the outdoors prompted them to post here. I instantly fell in love with my best buddy… Rhino was a beautiful, loving, and amazing buddy with such an incredibly chill personality. He immediately became my dog Athena’s best buddy (who I also adopted off of Home To Home at the same time- she’s pictured here with Rhino) they were instant best friends. He stole the hearts of everyone that he met. We explored, hiked, cuddled up, and enjoyed all life has to offer, soaking up every moment that was free to get out and explore. Rhino was 11 when I adopted him, and his previous owners and I stayed in touch. I would send pictures and videos sharing his explorations in his golden years. She would send Christmas gifts to him and his new sister Athena. He passed away recently, and we shared so many fond memories of our times together. I was honored to share my time and love with Rhino. He is a deeply missed part of my family, and I am so thankful to home to home for allowing me to welcome him and his prior family into our lives during the time he was with us.

Athena and I miss him dearly, and continue to explore the wonderful memories and places that we have been graced with around us. Thank you again for allowing me to adopt these two into my family.

Pet Parent Sarah


I am glad I found Home to Home website! So many great responses, caring people, and positive experiences. It was important to us for her to transition to a good environment and a loving home. Answer to our prayers.

Pet Parent john

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