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Important update regarding shelter packages as of July 1st, 2022

Dear Shelter Partners,

I begin this letter with a sense of pride about Home To Home and what we have been able to accomplish over the last few years. As I look back, I think fondly of our grass roots start within our local shelter in 2015 to the present where we have grown our network to over 100 shelters throughout the US and Canada. To date we have managed to help thousands of animals with the added benefit of also helping the human beings associated with them. 

As many of you are aware, we made a significant investment in the redesign of the Home To Home platform over the last few months. We continue to invest in new features and will be releasing a reporting module and a messaging module in 2022. We also continue to form partnerships with large organizations such as the ASPCA, the Red Cross, and retail chains like Chewy, to better support our mission of keeping animals out of cages. 

However, our growth and success has not been without challenges. As we grow, we incur several monthly costs including the hosting of our platform online, staffing, as well as platform development and technical support. Until now, we have been supported by grants provided by Maddie’s Fund, Lazin Foundation as well as the Bissell Pet Foundation. 

For Home To Home to continue to operate as it stands, with its monthly associated costs, we must look at a subscription model for the platform. We have reviewed several options and have landed on a monthly rate of $49.99. This rate will help us offset our monthly costs, update our reporting features, help us support our shelter partners, and provide capital to help us expand into areas where Home To Home can support communities in need. 

Much of our journey is just beginning. To be clear, our focus is to continue to support shelters throughout the country by providing a low cost alternative to offset intake costs, provide a platform to increase community engagement, keep animals out of cages, and in turn help humans in need. 

As we brace for continuous change in the animal welfare community, we will continue to strive to provide solutions and support to our partners as best we can. I want to personally thank you for partnering on our journey to date. Your feedback and participation has allowed us to change the lives of and help so many in need. I look forward to your continued support and please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.


Mandy Evans

Founder, Home To Home

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