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Nyx is a female Ball Python. Not exactly sure on her age but I believe she is considered a juvenile. She is a little jumpy when being handled if you move her around to fast. She is still one small frozen mice. She will come with her full tank set up as well as her heating lamps.


he mostly sleeps during daytime and sometimes comes out at night he has always been fine with being held and he loves his large mice. He is quite timid but once he has been held for a little bit he will start to come out of his shell and explore the world around him.


Due to financial/mental health difficulties, I am forced to rehome my reptiles. Amity is a 2 year old corn snake, eats everything offered and has never had a problem shedding. I think she is an amelanistic motely morph. She has not been handled much, so I’d love for her to find a more experienced snake owner willing to help her catch up on her handleability. Her enclosure, heating/lighting, and accessories will come with her. She is beautiful, active and fun to watch! I am deeply saddened but I know it’s best for her to find a home where she can be better cared for than I am currently capable of.

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