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Magic and Mojo

They are a bonded pair of Guinea Pigs and they are great with kids.

Francis & Stefon

2 year old male rats who are bonded. Moving due to financial reasons and can not bring them with. Looking for a loving home for them. They love to be held and are great around kids and adults. White one is losing a little hair from his back and we do not know if it allergies or not. Financially we are strapped right now.


This is Chia he is a guinea pig. He’s a quiet boy who loves laying in his blanket. His favorite activities include eating hay and relaxing. He is a chunky boy, but he sure can run fast. He does well when he’s not with other guinea pigs so if you already have some he would most likely have to be separated from the rest. He’s looking for a loving home who can take care of him!


This is mocha he is a guinea pig. Mocha is such a sweet boy who loves climbing! He loves cuddles and laying in bed with you. He gets along well with others! He’s looking for a permanent home who will love and take care of him!

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