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She is the sweetest bunny ever. Loves cuddles and affection. Does require exercise and a proper diet to be happy.


Meet Bunbun, the adorable bunny in need of a new loving home due to unforeseen housing circumstances. Despite the changes, Bunbun remains as sweet and curious as ever. This little guy has a heart of gold and a nose for adventure, always eager to explore his surroundings and discover new wonders. He’s incredibly friendly and doesn’t mind being petted, making him the perfect companion for anyone seeking a furry friend to share affectionate moments with.

Bunbun’s amiable nature extends to other pets as well, as he gets along well with our big dog. While he hasn’t had the chance to interact with cats, his easygoing demeanor suggests he may adapt well with proper introductions. But perhaps Bunbun’s biggest delight is his favorite treat – pellets! He goes absolutely crazy for them, proving that the key to his heart is through his stomach.

If you’re searching for a loving companion with a curious spirit and a penchant for pellets, look no further than Bunbun. Open your heart and home to this delightful bunny, and experience the joy and warmth he brings into your life. Let’s find Bunbun the forever home he deserves, filled with love, care, and plenty of pellets! 🐰❤️

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Dogs and cats rehomed within San Diego County may be eligible for spay or neuter services. Please contact us at once rehoming is complete to take advantage of this offer. Animals posted to this site should not have rehoming or fostering fees. If fees are requested, please reach out to ***

Latte and Mouse

Two female bunnies, non-neutered, good friends, to be adopt together need immediate rehousing. Never been bred before. Do not like to be picked up and are more skittish around people. They enjoyed living freely in the backyard with our two dogs and tortoise.

Bucky and Bun Bun

Two adorable Holland lop bunnies: tan male is one year old and fixed. Brown female is two years old and unfixed. We have their paperwork, cages, and a two-level hutch. They are a couple. We are moving and need a place for them ASAP!

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