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Australia Shepard male nutered approx 1 year old

Cookies N Cream

“Cookie” for short. We thought Cookie was a hen, and then he crowed. Unfortunately, we’re not zoned for a rooster and need to rehome him asap. He is a rooster who is very healthy and has been a lovely addition to our flock. He of course tries to mate with all of the hens but is a good listener, and just hangs with the ladies. He is easy to handle, but I do wait until night fall to move him to shelter. He is a silver-laced Wyandotte chicken.

Poncho (Blonde) and Chili (Dark Colored)

**3/27 Still Available** These two lovely Nigerian Dwarf Goats were born March 3rd, 2019. They are a very very bonded pair and will not be happy separated. They are wonderful and goofy pets. They are tolerant of dogs, cats, and poultry. They will throw a tantrum when getting hoof trims or being lead somewhere they aren’t sure of, but I’ve never been unable to finish the job alone. I love them both so much and I’m heart broken I am forced to rehome them.
They are both wethers, love to be brushed, and love to be brush mowers on four legs.
I’ve had them since they were tiny, they are pets- not meat animals- and need a home where they can have field access and attention. They both love people. I’m no longer able to give them the field access they need and they are currently living in a large dog yard which is not what I want for them.
I want them to have a better life than they have with me.

Ratatouille (Tuey)

Ratatouille (Tuey) is a 24 year old 15.1 OTTB who has been 3-day Eventing for the past 8 years. Competition miles through novice, schooled training with prelim questions. He’s more go than woah but is one of the most adjustable horses I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding. This guy jumps anything you point him at, hacks out alone and in a group, and just has the best work ethic – he truly loves having a job. He’s been out of work for the past year but should come back easily if desired. He has always been sound, clips/loads/bathes/stands for the farrier, and gets along with mares and geldings in the pasture.

Tuey is an absolute sweetheart, but his owner is in school and working two jobs and unfortunately can’t give him the partnership he needs right now. Open to a riding or a retirement/pasture companion home. He is currently located in Suffolk, VA.

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