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Meet Carmy, a sweetheart of a middle-aged lionhead bunny!
From what we know Carmy was used for breeding for the majority of his life (7+ years) and latterly kept in a small closet by himself in a barn until he was rescued by his foster parents. Despite his lonely living conditions up until now, Carmy is an incredibly sweet, curious and gentle little guy! He is understandably still very timid & often runs away if you try to pet him, but he always comes pattering right back if you are patient with him! He has developed a passion for enrichment activities where he has to search & solve puzzles to find treats. Even though he’s estimated to be on the older side for a bunny (7-8 years), he seems much younger and is very mobile and bright! He is also about 90% litter-trained and quite low-maintenance to care for as a small rabbit.

His foster parents would have absolutely loved to keep him but because they already have 2 bunnies and a dog they feel it would be best for Carmy to live in a home where he can have more individual attention to help bring him out of his shell. He has unfortunately not been neutered nor received any vet care that we know of but seems to be in good health all things considered. He could do well with another bunny of a similar temperament but it would be strongly recommended that he receive a thorough vet check & is neutered first!

While we are ideally looking for a family that has experience with bunnies, we would be more than happy to find him a home where he has his own quite space (min 5’x5′ enclosure, NO cages!) and a family who will be loving, patient & understanding that he is very shy and needs time to build trust. For this reason we will not be willing to place him in a home with children under the age of 12-14 or with loud or rambunctious pets!

We are happy to provide most of the necessities to his new family (ie litter box, lots of hay and treats, all of his toys, a vet referral) as we want him to be as comfortable as possible in his new forever home!


Sophia is so sweet! She is calm and affectionate. She sleeps often and she is playful at times. Shes never been mean. She doesn’t like being around other animals; she hisses and runs away but she will never become aggressive.


Asuka is an an 8 year old orange tabby cat. She is shy when you first get to know her, but once she feels comfortable she is the friendliest cat around. She loves to follow her humans and will constantly roll on carpet exposing her soft belly for pet rubs.

The reason we need to rehome her is because she is being bullied by our other cat all the time and it is causing her to be unhappy and stressed. She needs to be in a less stressful environment.

Being in a single pet home.
Being with someone who enjoys being home and having a pet cuddle and exist with them.
Having occasional play time, with some catnip toys, catnip to roll in, and treats.

ASUKA is such a sweetheart and amazing cat! It pains us so much that we have had to make this difficult decision. We will provide her cat box, cat food, and her favorite toys to her new home.


Freyja was an abandoned kitten in an apartment complex. I followed the animal control officer to their facility and put my name on her; 5 days later I took her home. She was approximately 10 months old. That was about a year and a half ago.

She became my husband’s ESA cat. She’s an extremely emotional cat so if you’re crying or upset she will come running to you after meowing and try to comfort you. My husband is no longer in the picture and for the past 4 months she has comforted me many times at night from nightmares; she likes to sit up right by my shoulder and purr me back to sleep.

She has been raised with a younger cat and they play together all the time. She also has been raised with two very large dogs; one that she plays with quite a bit and the other one she just cuddles with. She has been raised around an open top fish tank and she loves to drink the water out of it, but she never bothers a fish.

She loves her treats that I give her; once a week I give her a can of tuna. And she loves her catnip that I sprinkle on the cat scratcher. She does have a bad habit of trying to chew on plastic so beware of any plastic bags around her. She loves to lay in the sun and look out the window. This little girl has never been outside her entire life; she’s always been a pampered inside kitty.

I have put her down as being a special needs cat only because if you’re not careful of the cat food or treats that you buy for her she will end up getting sick off of it. Her tummy just doesn’t some of the foods. The best one I have found and been feeding her is temptations cat food and temptations treats.

Freyja would be perfect for somebody going through a rough time or that needs emotional support as this Kitty can provide it. The reason I am homing this little girl is because my husband will not be coming back to this household and I have too many animals and not enough income anymore. She deserves someone that can take care of her properly.

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