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He is a sweet boy


Sweet dog…crate/potty trained. Pit/lab mix and 75 lbs. Lifestyle changes require us to find him a new home.

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Sire was born on March 11, 2020. I only had him for 2 years as he was rescued the year of 2021. He has trauma issues as I was working with a trainer we discovered some. He’s very territorial and protects his owners at all costs. Knows some commands such as sit, lay down, paw, and high five. He is bathroom-trained using the pads. Doesn’t like strangers and needs socialization skills. When he gets comfortable he’s a sweetheart. Loves to play and chew on toys. Loves to run around.

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Willa is the most cuddly dog ever. As long as she is by someone, she is happy. She loves to run, or go on hikes. She has good endurance and stamina. She’s a calm dog, excited by food, and is food driven. She’s been at dog daycare and was ok with other dogs, but she cannot live with other animals. She doesn’t get along with cats or chickens. She can be a wary of new people, especially boys. But once she has met them in a calm environment, she is good (she is easily bribed with treats and pets). She is kennel trained, she loves to get her toy whenever she is released. She will grab the nearest soft toy and carry it around in her mouth. She loves to play tug of war and will play fetch in the water. Her paws are very sensitive. She likes to escape and will run after other dogs and people. She is an escape artist that we have tried to train relentlessly. She needs an experienced home.

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