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Nova Jean

Nova is a fun-loving pup who loves to cuddle. She sleeps in her kennel at night. She is housebroken for the most part, but she does have accidents from time to time as she is still a young pup.


Stella is very loving and just wants to lay on your chest once she gets to know you. When she meows, it sounds like she is saying “Mama.” She sits on the back of the couch and plays with your hair and rubs her head against your head as she purrs.

I adopted Stella in June of 2023 – her former owner had a change in living situation and couldn’t take Stella. She had been adopted from the Humane Society originally and has been fixed and chipped. I think she is about 6 years old. I love cats and thought it would be good for my first cat, Pepper, to have a playmate. Sadly, they do not get along and this adoption has caused too much stress in my home.


2-year-old female non-spayed


Hello, this cute little dogs name is Nylo! We’ve had him since he was a puppy, and he’s now almost two years old. Our family is looking for a new home that can hopefully provide him the attention we currently cannot, unfortunately. We’re looking for a loving and patient family that we know can connect with him and handle his energetic and goofy personality, day and night.

Any questions? 929-3912

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