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She is a very happy 2 year old goldendoodle girl she likes walking outside and running she is good with kids and loves cuddles.


My name is Toby I’m a ¾ saint Bernard ¼ great Dane mix and weight around 140lb. I have a full sister from the same litter also looking for a new home and we would like to go together as we are really bonded to each other… Our mom we have now got out of a really bad relationship a few years ago and we have been homeless ever since and as much as it hurts she feels it is best for us to go to a Loving and Stable home.. We Do Not like yelling or fighting, I get Really protective! Fireworks are scary and I’ll need medication to help calm my anxiety with some cuddles and loves for comfort, Guns are even more scary from the bad relationship we got out of, the mean man really scared us and our mom with one and I get really anxious.. I am Allergic to anything with Chicken it makes me really really sick and itchy but I love Kirkland brand Salmon and Sweet potato food with Zesty Paws salmon oil ontop, its sooo yummy and good for my tummy and joints! I am also on some medication for arthritis and hip pain.. My favorite treats are Beef Bully sticks, Full Moon Beef jerky and Dr. Marty’s freeze dried Salmon! I love to play tug a war with my ropes or chase my giant ball while my sister chews on my tail haha. I Love tiny human (children) but others dogs i sometimes don’t know how to say hi to and can be a little jealous and i like to Hump other boy dogs.. But with slow introduction I get along great and have never started a fight but I have stood up for myself when I got picked on.. I also don’t mind kitties if I get to know them if they don’t run or I think it’s a game of chase the squirrel.. I have been around other farm animals, horses chickens, ducks and lots of other things but it might take me a min to remember not to chase them..
I need lots of patience and calm energy to help my adjust..

Our mom is willing to travel any distance for a good home


Gidget is literally the sweetest, most cuddliest little lap dog in the world. Her favorite thing is just cuddling. She has been a part of our house and our home in our family for over a year. She can stand up on her hind legs and is very patient about getting treats. She’s very good walking on the leash and very smart. She’s also obedient and fast. Unfortunately, we have a female dog that is aggressive towards Gidget and the fights that happen as a result of them being territorial are resulting in injuries. Gidget would be very happy being an only dog, though she does get along with other dogs, she’s just very hungry for attention, and does growl a bit when the other dogs want attention too. Her coat is so soft and her face is so sweet that you can’t help but adore her. We were told from the Humane Society that she is a Chihuahua and mini Aussie shepherd mix.


Pepper is a 3.5 year old female border collie/lab mix. Pepper is great around children (we have a toddler) and cats. Pepper loves running, playing fetch, sniffing outside, and snuggling up inside. She’s crate trained and house trained. We recently moved to a smaller home and have no yard which has been hard for pepper as she needs a home with space to run.

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