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Cow is a very sweet puppy with heterochromia (blue and brown eye). She loves to play outside and snuggle in bed. She loves to play with kids and cats. Her favorite place to be is on the bed.


Male,6months old,playful and nice puppy need more peepad training

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The pet on this page is not an animal in the care of Auburn Valley Humane Society and is not in our adoption program. This pet is in the home of its current owner and Auburn Valley Humane Society is not able to verify the accuracy of descriptions written by the pet owner.


Maxwell is a Maine Coon mix. Mom was pure bred and got out. He is a very sweet cat but has taken a sudden dislike to one of our younger cats and attacks him for no reason. And then other times they play and clean each other. We have three younger cats (2 male and 1 female) and he only picks on one of the males. Maxwell also has stage 2 (last test) kidney disease but is doing quite well, is very active, loves to play and you’d never know he has kidney issues. He is a cuddle/lap cat and shows zero aggression towards us or the two other cats. Litter box usage is excellent and he show no other negative behavior other than mentioned.


Aussie mix looking for a good home she is well trained

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