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Mixed Breed
Colors: Fawn, White
Gender: Male
Altered: Yes
Weight: 56.80
Meet Popcorn, our vibrant, 5-year-old bundle of joy. Popcorn is an energetic, playful, and strikingly beautiful dog who turns heads and steals hearts wherever we go. With a spirit as lively as his name suggests, Popcorn is always up for an adventure, whether it’s a long walk around the neighborhood, a day at the beach, or a splash in the pool.

Popcorn is incredibly sociable and gets along well with most other dogs. His playful nature and love for toys make him a constant source of fun and laughter. He’s a dedicated food enthusiast and is always ready to show off his swimming skills for a tasty treat.

One of Popcorn’s most endearing qualities is his love for companionship. He enjoys spending time with his humans, often preferring to stay close by your side. His love for affection is only rivaled by his fondness for soft, fluffy things, making him the perfect snuggle buddy after a day full of play.

Despite his calm, chill demeanor, Popcorn does have a passion for exercise. He would thrive with an owner who has time to help him expend his energy and continue his leash training. A home with a backyard where he can frolic and explore would be ideal for this fun-loving, friendly dog.

Do note, though, Popcorn is a shedder—his beautiful coat needs regular grooming. But when you look into his loving eyes, you’ll find that a little extra cleanup is a small price to pay for the undying loyalty and endless affection he offers in return.

Our furry friend is healthy and has been receiving regular veterinary care.

We are seeking a loving new home for Popcorn due to allergies in our family. If you’re looking for a loyal, playful, and affectionate companion who will bring excitement, laughter, and comfort to your life, Popcorn could be your perfect match.


She is a Australian (blue heeler) cattle dog mix. Not sure what’s she mixed with. She is good with older kids when it comes to playing however little kids she will be around them but won’t play cause she knows she has to be gentle. I haven’t had her for that long but my busy schedule doesn’t allow me to train her as much as I should. She is very trainable and super smart will learn new tricks and routines really fast. I bought her off of a homeless on the street cause he couldn’t keep her. She was very skinny at one point and she’s gotten a little bigger. She’s about 1 years old so I don’t know if she will get any bigger but right now she’s in between small and medium size.

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