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Trouble has mellowed out and is now a very friendly laid back character cat perfect for a family. He goes out in a safe yard but comes in quick. Fully vaccinated.

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Layla is smart, curious, affectionate, obedient, playful, and a huge cuddle bug. Layla is also extremely anxious, protective, and wary of strangers (especially women). She requires a patient owner that is willing to work to her strengths and minimize her flaws. She is extremely food motivated and, combined with her intelligence, training is a breeze. I am rehoming her primarily because I am moving, and my new situation is incompatible with her personality. Her ideal situation is a home with a medium backyard to run around or play fetch in and preferably a male primary caretaker who has experience with reactive dogs or is willing to learn.

I adopted her about 8 months ago, after she was rescued from the streets of Tijuana. She was severely underweight and skittish. Since then we’ve both grown a lot together, and have spent many hours with a behaviorist. During these 8 months, we lived in a house with a medium backyard, 4 other people, and 1 other dog. Layla and the other dog became best friends within weeks. Layla had her struggles, but after learning a few management skills and finding a good level of daily anti-anxiety meds for her, she became a great companion. Every day she’d play with the other dog for hours, play chase in the backyard, and go on a 20 min walk. However we’ve now moved into a condo downtown, and while she’s adapted pretty well, she needs more stimulation than I can provide as an individual with no space for her to run.

I want to make two things very clear: 1) In the right situation, I don’t think her behavior will be much of a challenge. She’s affectionate, smart, eager to please, and very food motivated. 2) She has serious anxiety, one of the worst cases my behaviorist (one of the most well-reviewed in SD) has ever seen. Her medication helps this but does not eliminate it. She’s not a dog you can bring to the brewery or let off leash at the park, and likely won’t ever be.

As for her limitations… We believe something happened in her past that’s caused her to distrust women. Whereas it may take hours-to-days for her to trust a man, it can take months for her to fully trust a woman. She has never attacked, bit, or lunged at anyone, but she does bark at people from just a couple feet away and it can be quite scary. The expert I’ve worked with does not believe she’s an actual threat to people based on her body language when this is happening, but it’s not guaranteed and it’s not ok behavior regardless. She is potentially aggressive to other dogs upon first meeting them. However, after careful introductions, she should be ok. (She’s only ever been around her best dog friend and my parent’s old dog, who she mostly gives her space.)

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Ozzy is a super gentle and sweet purring machine. He’s half Maine Coon. His fur is luxurious and soft. He’s a gentleman but would do better with quiet adults versus a household with young children. He loves pets and purrs so easily. He doesn’t
love to be held but loves to be loved. He will lie on you and loves to sleep in bed with you. He’s very gentle.

*This pet is not in the care of Seattle Area Feline Rescue. SAFe has not evaluated or assessed this pet. We are unable to provide any additional information or verify the accuracy of descriptions – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about the pet. *


Rescued him from a home that was not caring for him properly. He is great with kids. He does very good with big or small dogs. He loves to play. He can walk pretty good on a leash does need training still. He also understands when you speak to him in Spanish.

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