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Ozzy is a super gentle and sweet purring machine. He’s half Maine Coon. His fur is luxurious and soft. He’s a gentleman but would do better with quiet adults versus a household with young children. He loves pets and purrs so easily. He doesn’t love to be held but loves to be loved. He’s very gentle.

*This pet is not in the care of Seattle Area Feline Rescue. SAFe has not evaluated or assessed this pet. We are unable to provide any additional information or verify the accuracy of descriptions – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about the pet. *


Rescued him from a home that was not caring for him properly. He is great with kids. He does very good with big or small dogs. He loves to play. He can walk pretty good on a leash does need training still. He also understands when you speak to him in Spanish.


16 week old Puggle Puppy (Birthdate: 01-05-2024). Adorable and playful. Loves plush toys and ropes. Very socialized, and up on vaccines. Ready for his forever family.


Hello this is Bruce he’s a very timid little man. He is very talkative when he wants something his way and will let you know exactly what he wants. He’s very smart and enjoys playing with a treat maze puzzle. He also loves playing with cat dancers and mice toys. He loves affection especially for head rubs. He is mischievous and you can find him just chilling in the strangest places such as under blankets or bed sheets, in backpacks, or in anywhere he can hide and fit. He may be off Standish but the sweetest boy in the world and wants nothing but to make his owners happy.

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