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This is miss Mabel, she’s a very good girl and it’s with a heavy heart that I have to rehome her. Due to circumstances out of my control I cannot give her the time and constant affection she deserves, she also plays too rough with our elderly cat, and our resident pets have to come first. Mabel is a sweetheart who does great in social settings, is unreactive to other dogs, and loves cuddles. Mabel loves to get pets from EVERYONE while on walks. Mabel is an amazing dog that I would love to keep, but I know she deserves an owner who has more time for her. She has displayed signs of resource guarding, so she will need an owner that is able and willing to spend time training her. She’s a lab golden mix, 6 months old and has her vaccinations


She is the sweetest of the bunch literally gives u a hug. One of the best cats I’ve ever had really deserves a good home.


Akira is beautiful, very intelligent and the ultimate lover. She love’s attention, loves to play and go for walks. She is most obedient to men.


Don is a huge cuddle pup. He loves to be close by his favorite human. He loves doggy toys and treats.

Don is afraid of a lot of things but does very well with cats, children of all ages, and guinea pigs. He enjoys going on walks but often want to be held like a baby halfway through walking.

Don is microchipped and up-to-date on his vaccines.

Don is trained to go on a doggy pad. We have attempted to train him to go outside on the grass but he refuses.

He is scared of new faces but warms up to others quickly once he feels safe.

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