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He is 2 years old and is allergic to the grass and has very sensitive skin

Toby and cinnamon

My friend found these puppies about 2 months ago in Walmart in Anderson. It was cold and rainy. She lives near there, she is a fb member in her neighborhood. She had ask if anyone knew anything about them, with no reply. Her mom had just past away and her health is not the best. I have been trying to help her find a shelter, rescue, and put on fb with no luck. The reason the puppies are being rehomed is bc she has had them for awhile, and this agency said they would be consider a rehome instead of found. My friend would like them to stay together if at all possible. The white and tan is a male named Toby, the brown is a female named Cinnamon. They have had their shots but they’re not neutered or spayed. The vet said they are about 5 mos old. They are both crate trained and she has been working with them on house training. Praying they get a forever loving home.


Sweat heart, loves to be held and cuddle, also enjoys to play around and run around
Birthday July 15th 2023

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