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Tessa is a resuce shepherd mix, she’s especially great with kids, but she requires a ton of activity and has a prepensity to run away if that need isnt met. She can also benefit from being socialized to other dogs as she didnt seem to have been well socialized prior to her rescue.

Big Lots

Hi his name is big lots and he is about 3 years old. He’s very loving and protective of those he loves. Big Lots is also very playful and loves to run around. Unfortunately i’m no longer able to keep him due to financial issues. I would love him to go to a loving home


Hi guys i’m no longer able to keep my dog oreo due to financial reason but he is so loving and energetic. Oreo is a kind dog and at first may be anxious but loves with his whole heart.


7-8 years old. Lazy and loving guy. Loves all people and kids. Does not like other animals. Looking for a home with access to a yard. Knows basic commands and words. Can keep you company all day. Doesn’t bark. Only howls when hungry or needs to poty

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