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A woman surrendered her dog to the animal hospital I work at after desperately calling around to shelters. No one would take him due to overcrowding and she finally felt she had no choice but to euthanize him otherwise she would be evicted. We took him in hoping to find him a home. The history she gave us was that he was ‘skittish’ around other dogs, but loves people. She’s accustomed him to wear a muzzle to be safe. He has been around since October 2023 and I have been taking him from home and to work since. He has behavioral issues and is reactive. We unfortunately have had some issues happen in the home with my other dog. He bit him on two separate occasions and bit a friend’s hand once. Having him we’ve learned more of his behavior. He needs to be put away whenever people come over which isn’t a problem since he is crate trained. Currently in my home he lives happily with me and my mother and loves when my bf visits. He is very well behaved around the house and is a big cuddler and completely has our hearts but we can’t keep him as much as I’ve tried. Looking for a home that will be willing to commit and work with him through his issues because he is deserving of that.

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