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I’ve had her a little over nine months, she was picked up as a foster by a friend the day she was supposed to be euthanized. The shelter couldn’t get her to eat or come out of her kennel. My friend fed her by hand until she would eat again and slowly Tilly came out of her shell. The foster program my friend got her through stopped answering her communications and Tilly did not get along with her other dogs so she was given to me. It took us two weeks to become inseparable. She’s 50lbs and convinced she’s a lap dog, her favorite sleeping position is little spoon, but she’ll settle just to sleep in the same room as you. When you take her on walks she’ll lick your hand when she needs a some reassurance. She’s so scared of the world, thunder, bathrooms, men, children, dogs, storm drains. I’m rehoming her because she attacked my parents dog. She’s very nervous around their children as well, but has not tried to bite them or even bark you can tell the sound of children puts her on edge.


Cooper is a catahoula breed about 80lbs and is 3 years old. He is such a sweet dog! I am a full-time college student athlete, so I am not able to take care of him. He was abandoned while in my care for pet sitting, From what I’ve seen so far He loves being around other dogs In large areas, is very people Friendly, And loves walk as well as spinning time at the dog park.


Rusty is a super friendly, cuddly, lovebug. He just wants snuggles and belly rubs. He is very well behaved. Knows basic commands. Listens well. Loves people, does very well with other dogs. He is very calm but loves to play a little catch on the backyard. He was found 3/31 roaming the neighborhood and has been staying with an elderly gentleman for the past few weeks. He is the sweetest dog, just loves everyone he meets. He does well on his own, doesn’t bark, no bad habits whatsoever. Very sweet and gentle dog that just needs someone to love. He has been on a few walks with us, he does well but needs some leash training. Has had vaccinations and will be neutered soon. We would love to keep him but already have 2 dogs including an alpha male terrier who does not like big dogs.


Penelope is a hound mix puppy adopted from a local shelter. She’s energetic, loving and full of life! She’s the best fur baby any pet parent can ask for.

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