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Hello, Arya is 2 years old. She was adopted from a shelter. Arya is very loving and potty trained. We just don’t have enough time to spend with her to give her the attention she deserves. I’m looking to re home her to a home with plenty of land for her to run and get the exercise she deserves. Someone that’s able to spend more time with her. She is good with other dogs. She is now due for shots but is undated on all her other shots. This is really hard for my family and I to have to do this but we believe she deserves better than what we’re able to give her. Shes so much fun but needs to be able to let her energy out!

Ender Felix

This is Ender, he is the sweetest and cutest boy. He loves to play, he’s a social butterfly, and he’s never met a person he doesn’t want to snuggle. He loves to learn and train, loves to learn tricks and earn treats. He is the type of dog that would crawl into your soul if he could. He is great in the car, and very good at meeting new people and dogs. He is happiest when he gets to sleep on the bed between pillows, and on the couch with people. He does well with kids, but he hasn’t been around too many young children. He is 49% Australian Shepherd and 51% Australian Cattle Dog, which means he was bred to be a herding dog, and to have an extremely high energy. He walks great on leash, and is used to going into public places. Ender likes to smile (show his teeth but sweetly) especially when he thinks he is in trouble and he needs to talk his way out of it. He also can be vocal when he plays and has a great play bark.

The reason we are re-homing Ender is because Ender is a little bit of a bully with the two other dogs in the home (Both German Shepherds). He tends to nip at their necks, faces, and heels, but tends to be very gentle with his bullying. Three times in his 4 years he has nipped and bullied his way into a fight with our 5 year old male GSD, which did not end well for Ender. He does come with some handsome scars on his face, but they aren’t super noticeable. Our male GSD is the only dog that he has ever had any problems with, and he is around other dogs and new dogs constantly.

We think Ender would do great as an only dog in the house, where all the attention can be his. He lived with cats for two years and never had an issue. Ender needs an active home that will play with him and get him out of the house. He can make absolutely anything a toy, including dirty laundry that he loves to “borrow” and roll on. Some of his favorite toys are plastic bottles and paper towel rolls. He’s not a big fan of fetch, he would prefer to be chased. He doesn’t chew on anything that isn’t his, and has never destroyed anything in the house.


I got him from a friend along with his sister Penelope, I was told they were fixed as soon as they were of age and they were born on Feb 27th 2022


I got both her and her brother Finnegan, I was told they were fixed as soon as they were of age they were born Feb 27 2022

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