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Rocky Roder

Rocky loves to play hard, nap hard, and be with his “person” as often as possible. He loves the outdoors, especially the snow, and will play Frisbee forever. Rocky has watched a mouse play between his paws and done well at a crash course herding chickens. Rocky has stood guard between me (HIS person) and larger breed dogs. He is leash reactive toward other people and dogs, and needs a firm experienced hand at socialization. He is very protective of his house and yard, but has shown promise with treat/reward introductions. He lives semi-peacfully with a toddler and a springer spaniel, but would prefer a less chaotic home, especially one without small children. Chaos seems to bring out anxiety and very high herding tendencies. He has never chewed anything that is not his, except for tires. Rocky loves to chase (herd??) Cars, bikes, or anything moving. He is very responsive to correction/barking/perimeter collars. Overall he could be a wonderful companion given the time and compassion of an experienced friend!


Hello! I’m Suki – a Husky/Retriever with a big heart and a sweet spirit! I LOVE being outside and I love snuggling with my people. All people are my people. I tell them sometimes with my beautiful husky lullaby.

What I am really good at:
– Being a dog!
– Loving every human person, large or small, that I run into. I am sure we are all friends.
– Going to the bathroom outside and, if there is no dog door (which I learn to use immediately), letting you know I need to go outside.
– I don’t chew on things that are not mine (and yes, I did kind of eat my new bed, but I’m nervous in this new place)
– Letting you know someone is at the door
– Tug-o-war. It’s my favorite. I will gently place a rope in your hands and only then show you my ferocious pulling power. And when we’re all done, I’m okay being all done.
– Trail running off leash! I have not seen a deer in the wild yet, but I’d maybe ruin my good behavior record if I did. My foster mom takes me running in the woods every day and I stay with the pack and return. I’ve also learned how to run on leash. I probably would be an EPIC mountain bike and hiking companion. I’m a husky, but the retriever in me makes me want to be near my people.

What I still need to learn:
– I’m getting pretty good at not pulling on the leash, but I need some reminders
– To listen to my person when there are distractions. I’ve had an apartment/city life and this wide, wonderful world is SO EXCITING to me. Sometimes it’s hard for me to pay attention to my person.
– Skijoring. I bet I could be a wicked rad skijoring dog. Or you could strap me to your kids’ sled and I’ll schlep them back up the hill.

What I may struggle with:
– Cats. They look a lot like toys, but are probably more fragile. I’m getting used to the cats in my foster home and have not tried to eat one in several days.
– Other dogs at home. I’ve been with other dogs and I LOVE them outside. But in my current foster home, I want to be the boss of the other dogs and we disagree about that. In previous places I’ve stayed, I got along with all the dogs and found my place in the pack. I would probably like an older dog or a puppy.

My dream family or person:
– Likes to go outside and be on trails or in the woods!
– Wants to bond to their dog like a family member. I connect with people especially well.
– Has a rhythm. I’m a smart girl and routine works well for me because I learn so fast.
– I have enjoyed having a crate to retreat to when I need rest. Sometimes everything is so exciting, I forget that I need rest.

Other things you might want to know about me:
– I’ve had a lot of transition lately. I was in an apartment for two years and have been being fostered in a chain of connections toward what will hopefully be my forever-home. I want to find the right family so I fit in well and don’t need to move again. All this transition is making me a little anxious and maybe a little possessive of my people.
– I’m treat-motivated and will learn fast if it means there are goodies involved.
– One of my foster family’s did genetic testing on me. I’m 40% husky, 10% malamute, a hodgepodge of retriever, and 1% Dalmatian (it’s what makes me sophisticated). They also discovered I don’t carry any known genes for hereditary doggy diseases.

Why Suki needs a new home:
We thought Suki would be a great fit in our home due to her sweet nature and gregariousness towards humans and history of good relations with dogs. However, we have two dogs and two cats, and Suki has not been able to adapt to them. She is positioning herself between my Service Dog and me, which is making my Service Dog unable to perform her work as a seizure alert animal (and anxious to boot). She’s growling at and dominating both dogs in general. It might just be how established they are, or that they are both kind of alpha, or that Suki has moved so often, she’s really feeling inclined to claim a space. At another home, she did okay with a cat and she’s getting better at not chasing ours. I think the constant correcting of behavior and tension is causing her to act out more. Her other foster homes did not experience this dominating behavior.

Suki is a REALLY good dog. She is a companion and could probably be trained as an Emotional Support Dog. She bonded immediately with our teen and is happiest when connected to people. I think she has the potential to be that special, life-changing friend to the right family or person. AND she has all that puppy mischief out of her, which is just refreshing. She’s not been mistreated, so she doesn’t have any weird baggage or dangerous reactivity (unless you’re my cats).

We have all her vet records as well. She’s up to date on vaccines and wellness.


Marvin is 10 years old and front paw declawed. My husband and I adopted him from his previous owner through this site. We were told he lived with another cat and got along with cats. Unfortunately he is not getting along with one of our male cats or our female cat. I think Marvin would do best in a home without any cats or with another cat that doesn’t mind Marvin being the dominant one.
Marvin can be a little spicy when you first meet him but he’s really a sweet boy once he gets to know you. He loves to climb, he loves a cozy cat bed and he loves to cuddle.


(Lil-eye-ish) aka Mr. Man. He’s a super sweet big baby, honestly such a love bug and cuddly boy. He loves getting pets and attention from his person, and loves to talk to you to. He sleeps in my bed with me at the end, or on his cat tree. He’s likes his bed a lot, as well as his little hiding spots, and he loves to perch and look out of the window and door. He likes to go outside and we started introducing him to walks on a leash, although he doesn’t like putting it on much he enjoys it since he used to be an outside cat. The only problem is he’s quite the jealous cat. He doesn’t get along with our female cat or our male cat despite being fixed because he’s jealous of not getting all the attention. But as a single home pet he would be great, unfortunately for meI have two other cats that get along so I can’t keep him but when my cats were kept in separate parts of the house he did amazing. He never uses the bathroom anywhere besides the litter box, and the microchip can be transferred to you. I just want him to ho to a loving one pet home because he’s an absolute dear.

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