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Beau is mildly energetic but also very chill for the most part. He loves being around kids and other animals and loves going on walks. He’s is relatively leash trained but still distracted while walking. He is trained to potty outside.


Born October 6th, 2019 in Texas in Foster care, Charlie came to our family at about 8 weeks old. When he was about a year old he had an episode of meningitis but this has completely resolved. He is very intelligent and responds to nearly 100 words and gestures. He is very food motivated and responds well to being shown the treat he will get if he does the word being asked of him. He is 75% American Staffordshire Terrier and 25% German Shepherd.

He loves people and can get quite excited when meeting new people, especially those who give him attention. He still has difficulty not jumping on folks because of his excitability. He can have difficulty with responding to some commands if he is having trouble concentrating due to excitement. He is also a very protective pup so barks at the sound of intruders.

When he was little he played in a group setting with other puppies (until 2020) and has had an opportunity to play with other dogs since, showing appropriate behavior. When he sees other dogs on the street he can mostly ignore them with good walker-engagement, especially if the other dog is not very interested.

He loves to be active and loves to work for his food or use food puzzle toys. He also loves chewing on toys or eating socks if he gets hold of them. He likes beef cheek chews and cheese.

Because of his activity needs, he would do well on a large property or as a farm dog, or just with a family who loves to play with him in a clear back yard.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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