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Daisy is a puppy looking for a loving home. She has a lot of energy and will need space to run and get it her energy out. She is very sweet. She is not potty trained yet. She’s good with other dogs, with cats, and with children.


Russell is a 7 year old (10/6/2016) Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler Mix. He is a good boy who loves the outside and a great companion to the right person or couple. He loves going for walks and treats.

My wife is pregnant with our second child and unfortunately, he needs to go. We have a Dachsund and they play together great. However, He has a history of nipping people he does not know and/or dogs he does not know. We have a lot of children over and my wife is just worried he might someday nip at one and thus needs a new home.

Russell is very well trained (sit, stay, paws, high five, crawl, roll over, spin left, spin right, up, etc…) and would be a perfect dog for someone who does not have a lot of strangers or guest over. To a couple who wants a companion, who is well trained and a great guard dog, he would be a great fit!


I found Sandia on the streets, she was a puppy and she was with 2 more puppies, we got her and the other two were adopted by other families. She is such an energic dog, she loves running and playing a lot and never gets tired. She is great with adults and kids, her heart is full of love to share!!

**AAC offers free spay/neuter vouchers and microchips for dogs and cats that reside in Austin and unincorporated Travis County. Friends of AAC also offers training vouchers! Email for more info**

***Home To Home is a platform that connects people looking to rehome their pets with interested adopters. The pet on this page is not part of Austin Animal Center’s (AAC) adoption program. AAC has not evaluated or assessed this pet. AAC is not able to verify the accuracy of descriptions written by the pet owner – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about them.***


Isabelle is cautious, curious, and a quiet kitty. She enjoys laying in the sun, chasing after toys, finding hiding spots around the house, and pets on her head and back. She will be turning 2 in June 2024.

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