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Eustace is a 2 year old neutered Goldendoodle (5/8s standard poodle). He is a really loving and kind dog to our family of four. (2 parents, 1 teen, 1 10yo) Unfortunately he suffers from anxiety and is incredibly aware of the volatile emotions of our daughter who struggles with anxiety herself. This makes for a situation in which Eustace gets incredibly stressed.

I serve as a pastor at our church and we are often having large groups of people over to our small house. This is also a big stressor for Eustace. In the last several months he has bitten several times due to the stress of the environment. 2 out of 3 of these have drawn blood and all have been children that he doesn’t know in an already chaotic environment.

We love him dearly but do not feel that it is best for him to remain in an environment that is so challenging for him. We would love to see him with a family or older person that is a bit more relaxed than our home environment can be.

Eustace has undergone board-and-train with an e-collar. He is very obedient and knows sit, place, heel, down, plus a few silly tricks.


Meet Kobe. Kind, friendly, mature pet (13yrs). Neutered with all up to date vaccines/shots.  Loves to take short walks and play with stuffed animals. Enjoys cuddling  and laying  outdoors. Great around kids and other pets.


Need to find a temporary place for my kitty. Can you help?


Willy is a 9 1/2 year old pittie/mastiff mix who is deaf. He is extremely loving and sweet and loves to just be loved up on or laze around and sleep for fun. Willy has issues with his arthritis and can fall and trip easily and takes frequent bathroom trips because he has a harder time holding it than he used to. He loves water and toys and having his ears rubbed.

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