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He is part Australian cattle dog and pit bull healer. We have had him for almost 2 years and we adopted him from the humane society. I got him to help with emotional support after a long stay in hospital. I’m trying to rehome him because I feel he needs more from a family than I can give right now! More running and playing, more discipline and more structure!

The pet on this page is not an animal in the care of Auburn Valley Humane Society and is not in our adoption program. This pet is in the home of its current owner and Auburn Valley Humane Society is not able to verify the accuracy of descriptions written by the pet owner.

Dandy Lion

Dandy Lion is a super sweet, smart, silly little guy who struggles with anxiety. It’s become clear to me since I adopted him early Nov 2023 that both of us would be happier with a different situation. His birthday is December 2022, but he doesn’t really act like a puppy – he is happy to relax! He weighs about 40-42lb and is a red husky mix (some say maybe Australian shepherd too!).

I believe he would be best suited to living with at least two people, preferably with another dog, in a home with yard access. A friend who watches him for me sometimes has a little old dog who doesn’t play, and he does well with her but he does love to play. He also loves to be pet and his belly rubbed, sit outside in the yard all day, and go on walks. He currently goes to day care and does a good job there.

Dandy has isolation/ separation anxiety, and can be reactive with other dogs when he is on leash. Other than that, he is a perfect pup. I’ve worked with some trainers, and the crate exercises combined with medication are helping his anxiety improve. I haven’t worked wing a trainer regarding leash reactivity because my main priority has been crate training. However, I know he would be happier with more people around and while another dog wouldn’t solve his anxiety, I do think it would help him greatly. Dandy isn’t naughty, he’s very chill and medium energy. He likes to run and doesn’t care about toys. Please reach out if you have any questions! I think he would be a good addition to a family who is willing to continue to do some more training.

*** Home To Home is a platform that connects people looking to rehome their pets with interested adopters. The pet on this page is not part of Austin Animal Center’s (AAC) adoption program. AAC has not evaluated or assessed this pet. AAC is not able to verify the accuracy of descriptions written by the pet owner – please contact the pet owner directly to learn more about them.***


Chewy, is a four year old Chihuahua and Dachshund mix. Chewy occasionally feels anxious and fearful at the vet. Despite this, he is a loyal, energetic, and playful companion who enjoys walks, playing tug of war, and constant petting as his love language. Chewy is fully potty trained and loves sitting outside with you on the grass for sun. Indoors, he delights in snuggling up with you or blankets while you read or watch TV. He also loves toys. Chewy is also territorial and will alert you to visitors at the door or anyone approaching stairs. Due to my grandmother’s knee surgery complications, we seek a new home for Chewy with someone who can provide the loving active care he deserves.


I rescued Jagger at 6 months and she was found to have a congenital heart problem called pulmonic stenosis. She’s already had surgery to place a stent in her artery. She is recovering on schedule with a great prognosis.
She has no exercise restrictions.
The problem is with my older dog. I can’t keep them separated, and they play too hard.
I think it best for Jagger to be in a loving home without another pet. She definitely needs more obedience training, but is very smart and eager to learn.

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