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Zima and Budda (buddy)

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Length of foster needed

A few hours daily in the west valley


Bull Terrier


8 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Medication
  • Special Diet


Peoria, AZ


I'm in a Canadian in a difficult circumstances living out of my vehicle. I am looking for some help for a few short weeks in the west valley Peoria area. I need someone to watch my bullies while I complete my customer visits. I do medical systems for seniors in the west valley. I don't need much more then that. Just a temporary place for them to crash at. I will provide all food and can walk them in the evening if you are ok with me visiting and tuckering them out before they go to bed. They will sleep for most of their visit with you. This is only temporary and it will only take me a week or so to have enough money to get a house or at least an apartment. I have left my spouse and a bad situatiion and this was my only option. So far this has been like camping. it"s fun for a little bit but that fades fast when you have no other options.

More about my beloved Bull Terriers now. These inseparable companions, who have shared a deep bond for most of their lives, must stay together and be able to spend their time with you side by side.

I am desperately seeking a compassionate individual or family who can offer them the love, care, and spacious environment they need for a few weeks. Understand they are getting old and are very easy to handle and are fully trained. They will hold it until it comes out their nose if they have to. Both are trained with a doggy door or they will go-to the door and bark to be let out. I will also do potty pickup daily or weekly depending on your comfortability with having visitors.

These Bull Terriers have always been pampered and spoiled and it is of utmost importance to me that they find a fun loving individual or family that will not get to attached but enjoy their time with them while I make my house calls and find a new home. They require a house with a medium yard, as they love to explore and play. Their ideal new caregiver should have experience with the breed. Please have the energy to walk them a 1/2 mile for exercise, the coningist to sneakily give them theirs meds with their lunch and make the creativity to make them work their brains for treats. lastly provide rubs and cuddles to them with as much affection as possible. I promise they will repay you in kisses and tail shaking twerks of happiness.

If you genuinely have the capacity to open your heart and home temporarily to these devoted companions, please reach out to me as soon as possible. I want nothi:ng more than to get back to work and ensure their well-being and happiness for a few weeks while I get my affairs in order. Your willingness to step in and provide them with a safe and loving environment would mean the world to me.

Time is of the essence, as I want to make this transition as smooth as possible for my dear Bull Terriers. Thank you for considering this urgent appeal to help me with these two loyal souls while I find thier forever home they so desperately need.


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