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5 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Medication


Yuma, AZ


Sadie is a 5 yr old Maltese. She really is a sweet girl. She loves to just snuggle with you on the couch or in bed. She loves to watch tv and movies. She is a really low maintenance, laid back girl. She loves going outside and roaming around. She has never bit anyone. She has only ever been around teenagers or adults, so I’m unsure of little ones. She likes to “talk” and engage in her excitement. She has a good bill of health, and current on shots and rabies vaccines. She has had (1) unintentional litter which her and Bubby (her son) are very attached (please, they need to be rehomed together). I know she is not spayed, but if that is an issue for rehoming, I can get that done beforehand, or donate to the vet of choice for surgery. Sadie knows the basic commands of sit and stay. She is potty trained for both inside and outside (just in case you need to leave a potty pad, she knows to only go there) and she’s never been in a kennel before. She just wants to be loved is all. I am not here to give any excuse of why I am rehoming both her, and Bubby. I have 4 other dogs and they simply don’t like big dogs so they have to be separated all the time, which breaks my heart. My big dogs love them, but her and Bubby are intimidated by them. I’ve done everything I can, for a few years to make this work for all of them. I am also relocating to North Carolina soon and I don’t want her anxiety to get worse with that and still being in the same situation. It has taken me all these years to let go, to find them a new loving home. Currently, (only) Sadie has been on Prozac and Trazadone due to anxiety. We’re trying to get her off of this medication, which I know not being in the environment of my other dogs would help tremendously!

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