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American Shorthair


9 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Older Children (12+)
  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Seattle, WA


This one of kind, absolutely amazing, healthy 9 year old cat, who is truly loved- he desperately needs to find a new home. My allergies have gotten so out of control, I ended up in the hospital 2 weeks ago. He loves going outside, sleeping next to you or on you, and he is a real talker. You'll know what he means just by intonation of his meows. He knows his name, he'll come when you call him... he's just a gem. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and NEEDS to stay this way.
It's with a very heavy heart that I'm looking to find him a new home. It's so hard, it's nearly impossible to think of life without him. I've had him since he was a tiny kitten, small enough to fit in my hand 😥 But I've been through hell and back with increasing allergies, and a recent trip to the allergist confirmed my worst fears. I'm growing more allergic to him as time goes on. I've been on meds since the ER visit, and I can't take the antihistamines, inhaler, Flonase, oral steroids, air purifiers running 24/7, et cetera anymore.
He needs a home where there is a cat door, so he can come and go as he wishes, there can't be other pets (he's real hardcore about being the only animal), and I use only crystal cat litter because he likes to be very clean. He's up to date with his vaccinations, is chipped and neutered, had his teeth cleaned a few months ago(hardly any tartar)! They ran a test to predict future kidney problems and he passed with flying colors. He never gets sick, he is in great health. He's on a high quality diet, sheds minimally, and looks like a gorgeous house panther : ) He loves to go out at night and stalk around, catch a few mice, and enjoy nature. It's a very solid routine .He also loves wearing sweaters in the wintertime. He can take a while to warm up to new people; he likes to be the one to come to you.
I'm asking $80 for him and all of his supplies. I have many bags of crystal cat litter, a cat bed, a heated indoor/outdoor cat condo, a good litterbox, a cat hammock, his sweaters, and large bag of his food. I'm asking for $80, not to sell him, but because I'm not giving him to just anyone. If you are interested in having an semi independent companion, who will lay on the love like baby when he's in the mood for company, he's your boy. Please direct message me. We need to have a phone conversation, you need to be able to meet him, and I need to do a future home inspection. I think a few follow up visits to check how things are going would give me peace of mind.
He MUST be able to come and go outside, be the only pet, and would be a good choice for adults, or a family that has older children. Thank you ❤️

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