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American Pit Bull Terrier


1 Year




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Tucson, AZ


Doja is a Tricolor Lilac Pitbull (lilac, light brown, and white). We rescued her from the streets on July 1st 2023 NW Tucson. Unfortunately, our hearts are too big and are at max capacity with our own animals so we are looking for her forever home. When we rescued her she looked like she recently had puppies so she could have been a breeding dog considering her coloring. She is potty / puppy pad trained. For the most part crate trained - she has her days, knows the basic commands sit and paw. She is perfectly healthy and has no medical issues ( some scares from her previous situation).
We took her to the park on a slower day and she did good on the leash - did not tug too much. When we walked passed the kids she ignored them, but other than that, she has not interacted with kids and I am unsure of her behavior. She can be unpredictable at who she growls at, but men tend to be more common. When she is hyper she likes to nip at our dogs ears when we let them outside and can get in their personal space. I believe our cat was the first one she encountered because she was very fixated on him. She has gotten a lot better, but we still keep a very close eye and don't let her around the cat unsupervised. She has some separation anxiety or could've been over excited, but she has scratched and bit at my bedroom door and it needs to be replaced. She has chewed some cords, but they were not put up so I blame myself for that. She has not gone out of her way to get the cord just if it was laying out already. Doja loves water and tries to get in the shower with me. We have a splash pad, so I think she would love swimming. She is an amazing sleeper and cuddle bug; she tends to be out by 10pm and wakes up about 7-8 am ( I still leave a puppy pad out at night just in case she has eaten or drank a lot of water late). Doja just recently started to play fetch, but her favorite is tug of war and jumping at a tree branch in our front yard. She is very high energy. She is protective if you are on her good side and would make an amazing guard dog. I give her baths once every 2 weeks and she does pretty well, but gets scared if the water pressure is too high. She lets me touch her paws and brush her teeth. I rub coconut oil to protect her coat; she has some dry spots when we rescued her.

Doja is a very sweet dog who, because of her past, needs some additional training and a owner that can keep up with her. We really do not want to put her in a shelter and hoping to find someone through this website.

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