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Black Labrador Retriever


6 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None
  • Regular Veterinary Visits/Care


Madison, WI


Doc is a 6 year old black lab weighing in at 79.6 pounds. He is full of love and joy and despite his enormous size he absolutely loves nothing more than to be a snuggling, cuddling, lap dog. His hobbies include being a goof, following you everywhere, always wanting hugs, chewing on toys, eating treats, putting his paw on you for attention, giving sloppy kisses, and always wanting to make sure you're ok.

Doc is being rehomed as he was originally obtained to be a Psychiatric Service Animal. Doc showed promise right away and at his 3 month mark it seemed he was going to be a good fit. However, sadly, at his 6 month mark he seemed to not want to be a Service Animal, and his abilities stunted. Why? Because Doc absolutely loves every other dog, cat, and human he comes in contact with. He gets so excited and just wants to give everyone hugs and kisses and he can't contain himself no matter what size the animal or human is. Since it's been determined he cannot fulfill the role I need, Doc must continue his life with a forever home that loves him and his ways just as much as I do.

Doc's original owner was a truck driver who couldn't properly give Doc the proper food, training, love, exercise and mental stimulation he needed. When I acquired Doc at 5 years old he was 97 pounds and could barely walk a block. Today, he loves romping around with his sister dog and blasting his way around the dog parks.

Doc's pros are: Full of love and it's love like you've never seen. Loves hugs because apparently size isn't a thing for him and he will greet you at eye level with kisses. Loves to snuggle and cuddle and he will fall asleep between your legs on the couch very sneakily if you aren't a light sleeper. Very joyful personality that's somehow between brilliant and did he really just run into the wall? Likes to be around his humans at all times even when he goes to the bathroom or you do. Can sense when something is wrong and will try to comfort you because he's a big teddy bear. Knows basic commands along with hugs, kisses, paw, and responds to whistles or hand signals but of course he will be stubborn if he disagrees with your opinion. Crate and house trained but mostly just house because crates aren't for him in his mind. Loves every other animal, dog, cat, and human so be ready for lots of stopping along the way. He is great at sensing danger and protecting and he will make any potential assailant back off. Enjoys going on adventures and will try to create his own adventures but somehow also oddly laid back like he's retired. Would rather chew on a stuffed animal from goodwill over your belongings. Doesn't get into things around the house even though I'm sure he could easily reach the pantry top shelves. Very loyal, like so loyal it should be renamed. Always ready to greet you at the door with his butt wiggling. He has a natural instinct to please but a treat really puts him into gear. Will help you finish your dinner, scraps, or food that falls on the floor. Has a beautiful shiny coat mixed with some brown and wonderful black eyes that you will get lost in if you're not careful. Loves belly rubs and staring up at you while you do it with a goofy face. Handles being a headrest and pillow like a champ. Doesn't ever lash out, slam doors, or call you bad names.

With every pet there are some cons though: He is large and in charge and yet somehow a lap dog. He is strong physically but can have his dopey moments. He can wail loudly so you will never have a surprise intruder. He thinks he's a lap dog which can make for awkward recliner relaxation. He will try to greet every human and animal and thinks everyone loves him at first sight. He needs a regular bath because that's just how he is. He thinks every human needs hugs so don't try to get out of it. He gives sloppy kisses with his big floppy tongue. He will drool while waiting for food at feeding time or for treats because who doesn't love food. He can jump baby gates because the whole house should be his according to him. He can swim but getting him in the water each time is like getting a fish out of water.

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