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American Pit Bull Terrier


3 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Sumneytown, PA


Hey there! This is Daisy! I’m looking for the right person or family to re-home her with! I love Daisy, however, I’m single and work too much to provide her with the attention she needs and deserves.

What she needs:

- [x] A home where she gets regular attention from a single owner or….
- [x] A home with one more dog or at least 2 people.
- [x] A place where rules can be set so she has a daily routine and structure to work off of.
- [x] A home who understands the pros and cons to food motivated dogs.
- [x] Lots of love and companionship- she does not do well if she is left alone for long periods of time or is isolated by herself while you are in the dwelling.
- [x] Positive reinforcement and interaction- this is big. Daisy’s ‘job’ is breaking and clearing sticks. She loves her job. When we go to “work” she gets right to it! And daisy doesn’t play-loves working hard ( and she can sound really ferocious but I’m pretty sure she is just providing instructions) and she loves it when you help.
- [x] The home with the capacity/ ability to refrains from physical and (extreme) verbal repercussions. Daisy does have flashes of fear aggression. Recognizing Daisy’s intelligence will help curb any Unwanted reactions or behaviors from Daisy. If she is cornered or someone becomes physically imposing she will be defensive ( and understandably so). In our early days together l yelled at her and advanced quickly at her when she pottied in the house (I know, I totally suck). This was not fruitful for either party. Daisy knows when she has done something to make you unhappy. She is just trying to communicate.

Her back story:

Daisy is a classic Philly rescue pit who was running the streets until about 9months old. She had a best buddy she had been running with, and when he was caught they were separated. From what I was told she took a little over 6 months to really become domesticated…after that she became very codependent.

Here is Daisy’s baggage:
She is very smart, super sweet and loves to cuddle- until she doesn’t get her way. Then she can be very stubborn…and remember she is smart- which leads to some ‘mess around find out’ moments, which come off as really vindictive. She will potty in the house to get your attention. She hasn’t ate my clothes or shoes, but she has dragged the trash through the entire house and on my bed. “I need more attention and I didn’t get my recreational time.”, is what she is saying.

While she has little to no prey drive, and doesn’t chase squirrels or birds), she has bolted a time or two. I live the country, she she came back a few hours later cover in tics and possibly some scratches from fighting something. But she came back…

Some of the good, some of the bad. She typically loves other dogs, and Daisy is very people friendly, but if she can only hear or smell someone she usually barks a ferocious warning bark.

Additionally, while daisy has never bit or snapped at me; she had a small skirmish with another dog while in close quarters and snapped at previous owner in the aftermath of being grabbed and ‘thrown’ into the crate…she definitely was not “thrown”.

With that said, her crate seem to be a place of stress, rather than a place of peace and safety. When I first got her, I bought her a nice big crate. I put her in there and she was fine, sniffed around checked out the new bed. I shut the door and she sat down. So I went out to my truck to grab some reinforcement treats and when I came back in the metal door was in pieces, she was half way out, bloodied, impaled, and letting out something between a snarl and the most heart breaking whine you have ever heard. And so I got rid of the crate, made her a little space that was hers and she seems to sleep there all day. So if she must be crated, I don’t think it is a good fit.

So, Daisy does have some baggage. But don’t we all? To really reach her full potential, she needs the right fit.

Her Rec time!!:
Another very important aspect to Daisy’s life, and without it she will act out. Daisy loves to play fetch and tug of war, and again she sounds pretty ferocious when doing so. Daisy is absolutely obsessed with rivers and streams! She can swim until she’s drowns so you have to be sure to call her out of the water.

In case you can’t tell by the length of this write up, I really really love Daisy. And because of that I know I’m just not the right fit for her.

She is pretty good on walks; although she does like to lead, but with a simple “back up” she drops back…we go to the vet every 90 days. She has all of her shots and takes a monthly flea/ tick/ and dewormers. She’s a healthy dog and sees the vet as a normal place where we go to sniff the cat, jump on the scale, get pet by the lady, have the butt cleaned, get some treats, eat some cheese wiz while they cut the nails, get more pets and another treat, and then we smell the cat again, and then we go for a ride in the truck. Typically really good experience…

She has been so great, and also a lot of stress. If you know someone who loves little lovely pitties, can provide a better dynamic, respect her trauma history, handle her food drive (…ok it’s an obsession), has the physical strength to play with her, the time to be present in her life, and heart to just love this sweet and sour thing, pass this on…

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