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Heart Flower

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7 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Older Children (12+)
  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Oak Park, IL


Heart Flower is as sweet as her name! She is a cuddly friend who loves to stretch out on a heated pad or just your legs. Drinking from a drizzling kitchen faucet is one of her favorite past times. She loves to have chats with people. AND - she's a great listener! Heart Flower is a "mommy." She has favorite toys (her "babies") that she carries around while singing to them.

Heart Flower is also a very nervous cat. She is easily startled by loud noises and lots or sudden movement. She may have vision trouble, as items as innocent as a tussled blanket or wadded-up socks can confuse and frighten her. Her anxiety can reach high levels that involve accidents and make her a target for other animals.

She prefers quiet settings with little movement and no loud noises. She LOVES "calming cat music with purring" (search YouTube).

We adore Heart Flower. Making the decision to rehome her is one done with a heavy, heavy heart. She has a difficult time in our home that is quite active, with children running up/down and in/out regularly. She also has difficulties being in a home with other pets.

I believe Heart Flower will be most happy in a quiet household that has no younger children or other pets.

Heart Flower is both a princess and a baby, and she deserves the very best possible home.

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