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Doberman Pinscher


1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Janesville, WI


I am one years old, I am a big big Doberman! Zeus is a good boy who has had to deal with a lot of change in his first year of life! I am his 3rd owner and have tried to give him the love he needs, but unfortunately is not enough. He is a very good boy who just wants to be loved. He knows basic commands as far as sit down and it's stubborn with his stay. He is very strong, it is hard to take him on a leash, so a harness works so much better with him. He is very strong, so if you're not ready for that he will pull you. He loves to play and run around the backyard, unfortunately all of the strong toys that they say that are break proof are break proof for him. The only toy that he's ever owned that he could not break was a tire bone. I have not had any medical issues with him he does require a rabies shot and I think a distemperment. He is fixed he was fixed at 9 weeks old for being a purebred? His first owner purchased him and his brother for his sons his sons did not want them so the man gifted them to two brothers who worked at a car dealership, the one brother that I got Zeus from was the first time dog owner and had no idea how to control him so my friend had the other dog and knew that I was a dog lover and asked if I would love to have him. Of course I said yes I had to get him out of that situation since we've had him here he's grown more I have young children which we had an accident in the beginning of owning him which was not his fault it was just because of his size with one of the children so my husband and my dad convinced me to keep him as an outdoor dog so during the day he's outside and that at night wants the kids are sleeping he's inside with us and then when we go to sleep he is in his cage because we cannot trust him not to destroy everything still cuz he is still a puppy. But like I said he's a really good boy he just needs a lot of attention a lot of love patience he's very smart, I have tried to read home him to other times both times the people have returned him the next day because of his size. He gets along well with other dogs, and he is very good with children. So if you are interested just be aware that his size is very big he can reach anything on a kitchen table, he listens though as long as you say with authority in your voice to leave something, or to leave it. I was hoping in time as the kids got older and the just got older that it would work out but winter time is coming and I don't have the heart to leave him outside or locked in his cage all day.

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