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Domestic Shorthair


10 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Germantown, WI


Oliver is a 14 pound cuddle bug! He is a 10 year old male-spa/ neutered. I have had him since he was 12 weeks, found on my friends farm. The last 2 years he has been getting more anxiety and unfortunately will urinate outside the liter box. I have tried medicine and few vet appointments ( all normal)but he is stubborn and still does it . I am also not home as much with my job and he really would just like to lay on someone’s lap all day and cuddle. My daughter moved out ( got married) - and Oliver is just by himself a lot with my work hours. He does not do well with other cats, not sure about dogs.
I feel sad having to do this, but he needs more attention than I can give him now. He is a lover and the best cuddler ever. He does have his claws, that I get trimmed on a regular basis. I have also tried the Feliway pheromone plug in, which does help somewhat with his anxiety. He is microchipped! I think Oliver’s dream is to be an indoor / outdoor cat , he is always begging to go outside. I do put him in a cat tent which he loves . Unfortunately I live in an area where he can’t come and go as he pleases . He really is a great cat ❤️

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