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American Shorthair


1 Year




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Los Angeles, CA


Luna is a lucky cat born on St. Patrick’s Day. She’s curious, derpy, loves to play, and brave cat - great with all humans!

She is delightfully chatty, chirps to greet her humans daily. She’s has a silly goose energy, independent yet cuddly at the same time. You can also see her picking up her favorite toys and items around the house with her mouth. You’ll even find so many of these hidden under your coach! She is proper— As you can see, her collar is part of her identity and is used to this while growing up.

Another special trait she has is that she has an internal gentle wake-up clock. She sleeps in her own corner and would leave you alone for the night. When it’s close to time, she nuzzles against you until you gently wake up, only until your typical wake up time kicks in is when she will start lovingly lick you awake. She’ll try to participate when you brush your teeth by licking the water from the faucet. When you water your plants throughout the house, she helps out by following you and making sure you’re not alone in this!

Raised with a Golden Doodle, she knows how to “sit” and give you her paws for food, come to you on command (or by her name), fetch treats, and greets you when you come home. She’s learned to be careful of her nails (makes biscuits in the air when held) and is used to having her nails trimmed, face cleaned, teeth brushed, combed with treats, and even sanitary wipe front/back with treats! For food, she’s not picky (will eat all kinds of wet food and dry food) and she has a permanent habit of drinking water (cat fountain) — she is very food motivated and so trainable for a cat owner who do train (she’s smart!). She’s gotten use to riding in cat backpacks, though she prefer short trips. We have even traveled with her — and she travels very well from her confident personality.

She is ~1.5 years old, ~11 Lbs, healthy, spayed, vaccinated and no worms ever. Due to our new family member’s cat allergy we are unable to keep her. We are urgently looking for her forever home for her that would appreciate her curious yet quirky personality because she’s the type who will bring delight, joy, and warm to anyone’s home. Adopt her today!

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