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Siberian Husky


2 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Reading, PA


Nanook ( Nook, Nookers, Nook-Nook) is an amazing dog. He is gorgeous and pretty well-behaved.

Some Nook facts:
Turned 2 on April 15, 2023
Last vet visit on August 20, 2023
Up to date on all vaccines
Weight is 53 lbs but looks larger due to the hair
Very strong
Has had access to a 1/4 acre fenced yard
Has only escaped once as a puppy because he still fits through the posts but has not tried to dig or jump out.
Recall is okay but always works with a treat
Very food motivated
Has killed 2 groundhogs by shaking not puncturing
Fully house trained
Crate trained
Needs work with greeting people without jumping and pushing
Has never bitten anyone
Likes to talk
Likes to bark at the neighbor dogs passing by and the mailman but otherwise pretty quiet
Needs to run daily
will do anything for a treat
walks well on a harness clipped in the front and the back. He won't pull with that type of setup. Otherwise, he will pull until he chokes himself or drags you on the ground behind him
Loves belly rubs and frozen peanut butter on a lick pad
LOVES cold weather (duh) and rain, he will not ask to come inside unless it is a torrential downpour
Loves car rides
Does not go downstairs but will go up and jump in and out of a car. Think we trained him too well on that but will explain if asked.

We love this silly dog so much and really don't want to part with him. Due to a severe allergy in the family, we can't keep him and he deserves a life full of belly rubs and pets.

We would prefer a former or current Husky parent for his new home. He has more hair than any other husky I have come across so an experienced owner is preferred. He lives with 2 cats but they are never alone together without supervision.

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