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German Shepherd


1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Greenville, SC


Thor is a German Shepherd. He was born in January of 2022 and he is 20 months old. He is both potty trained and crate trained. Thor has never urinated in the house. I let him out regularly, but if he has to relieve himself he will whimper or bark to let you know he has to relieve himself. Thor enjoys sleeping in his crate at night. He really likes it. He will immediately lay down and go to sleep and he will sleep until morning. Thor prefers to get up at sunrise and go to bed shortly after sundown. Thor LOVES a fenced in backyard. He will run off if you just let him out. I would not advise doing that. I would either walk him on a leash or put him in a fenced in back yard. Thor loves to chew sticks and dig in the mud and chase squirrels. He also enjoys chew toys. I feed Thor Purina One Large Breed Dog Food. The cheapest I can find it is Walmart where I get a 40 pound bag for $60. That lasts Thor about a month. Thor weighs 80 pounds. He is up to date on all his shots and I have his veterinary records. Thor takes a pill once a month to prevent fleas and ticks. Thor has a very thick coat that sheds and requires brushing to be manageable. Thor loves being brushed. Thor is not afraid of vacuums or shop vacs and he actually enjoys being suctioned by the shop vac to remove excess fur. I have a dog bed (pictured above) and a large dog crate (also pictured above) that will come with Thor if you choose to adopt him. Thor is a very sweet dog. He loves attention and being petted. Thor will not reach full adulthood until he is 36 months old. Even though he is big, he is still a puppy and he has the rambunctiousness and hyperactivity of a puppy. Thor loves to bolt out of his crate, run, jump on beds, sofas and people. You have to be very firm with him. If you have small children, Thor could easily knock them over and cause an accident. I would exercise caution. Thor is not an aggressive dog. He has never tried to bite me, but then I treat him gently and with respect. Thor does not like to be teased. Please do not do it. It only makes him aggressive. Please never tease him with food. You can walk Thor on a leash, but he pulls very, very hard. I don't think an elementary school child would be able to walk him. Thor would overpower him. It would really be best if only adults or strong teenagers walk Thor. It can be a bit overwhelming at first. Thor is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. However, Thor does have a strong urge to defend and protect and if are looking for an animal to protect you and your family, Thor will do it.

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