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Mixed Breed (Medium)


4 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns
  • Medication


Los Angeles, CA


Whiskey is a beloved dog only available due to owners health issues. He's the sweetest goofiest boy that will steal your heart in a minute, and your bed as soon as you allow it. He is a well cared for neutered 45 pound beagle/catahoula mix who is up to date on shots, has had regular vet care, and even had a recent dental. He's crate trained and knows basic obedience. Also house, muzzle and treadmill trained. He is extremely food motivated, already knows a few tricks and would happily learn more. He was attacked by a dog as a puppy and developed fear reactivity, he has been slowly and safely introduced to several neutral dogs and even been living happily with one for years, but no one should take him with the assumption he'll get along with their dog- he needs to be an only dog or with someone willing to manage a crate rotation indefinitely. He also has a high prey drive so does not do well with cats or other small animals.
He's a homebody who is happy to relax in bed with you all day, and enjoy the yard but prefers to stay home when you go out. He currently does not go for walks as there are too many dogs to trigger him and with my health issue I cannot be pulled, though he has great leash manners when dogs are not present. He has been destructive in the past when left home alone to free roam, but does well in his cage when unattended. He loves puzzle feeders and anything where he can use his nose! Does best when he's had exercise so will need a fenced in yard. He can be shy with tall people but is extremely food motivated and able to accept them if you go at his pace. He should not go to a home with small children. He does resource guard certain high value chews so is only given those in his crate. He's sensitive to corrections and requires a gentle approach.
Unfortunately due to my health I cannot afford housing that will accommodate him- he's my best friend and I'd never give him up if I didn't think it was his only chance at living.
The right home will receive all the necessary supplies for his success. Whiskey can be transported anywhere in western California or Oregon for the right home.

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