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Miniature Pinscher


9 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


North Hollywood, CA


Hi. I’m Jax. But my dad calls me Chi Chi. I’m 9 years old, with a big personality!! I don’t like to be touched. But I’ll nudge against you wherever you sit. I’ll try to kiss you for 5 min straight all day long. And follow you around like a shadow. I mostly like other dogs. I get kind of nervous but like to sniff and touch noses. I’m pretty ok with adult humans, as long as they completely ignore my existence until I beg for attention. A couple treats doesn’t hurt either. Children on the other hand… can’t stand em!! Their crazy energy gives me lots of anxiety. I bite!!! No children please. :) I exclusively sleep under blankets. Ya. It’s kinda cute. But if you come within 12 inches I will alligator attack you. So stay away. I mostly sleep in my own bed, but I’m the morning I’ll come cuddle with you for a bit, and be pretty sweet. I still need you to feed me breakfast at that point, so I’m on my best behavior. Favorite things: Warm piles of laundry. Pieces of paper, mail, or cardboard to tear apart. Kissing up your nose so far my tongue reaches your brain. Stealing anything I think you care about. Playing chase or tug of war. Stealing water out of your cup. Sitting on your shoulders while you drive. Chewing on hair ties!!! Secret tricks: Rolling down the car windows Nick names: Ranchy (after Tarantula), Coco, Scoby, cat, piglet, Bobo, Kiki, Monster, Jacky, I’ll basically answer to anything.

FROM KEVIN Hello. My name is Kevin. I’ve had jax for 9 years. He’s been my absolute best friend and love. He can be so sweet between his bouts of rage. He’s a very beautiful soul at heart, with a complicated mix of extreme anxiety and honestly probably bi-polar issues. I’m in a place in my life that I can’t care for him any longer. I’m really looking for a loving home for him. Someone (without kids obviously) that has a huge heart and a love for cute little complicated dogs. Thank you!!

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