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13+ Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Children
  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Antigo, WI


I found Kami in May, 2010 outside in our country backyard.
She was very thin, had a big bald spot on her back & had this tail that I thought was chopped off somehow, so I decided to keep her & get her healthy. It wasn't until she started putting on some weight that I finally discovered she was pregnant, so I decided to keep her so she could have her babies at my house rather than the Humane Society. She ended up having 6 kittens, 5 with a stumpy tail just like herself. When the kittens were born & I saw these little stumpy tails that's when it dawned on me that she was a Manx cat! They have either a rumpy, stumpy or full tail. With the help of my granddaughter we decided to keep both Kami & Simba because I couldn't find a home for them both & I had already fell in love with them. The only thing she can't do anymore is jump up on the counter, she needs a way to get up there first like a chair or the garbage can or something like that. She can't jump that high anymore which is good because she doesn't need to be on the counter other then to sleep in her basket. We call her Kami in a box! lol She does know her name & will come when called because it's usually for treats (raw meat)! I do have her basket at the edge of my counter & she gets to it from a smaller kitty platform. She just goes in her basket with her pillow in it & that's where she sleeps. She lounges pretty much of the day but will around here & there to visit or just be nosy. At night she does some laps with Simba around the house. At night she sometimes comes to visit me, will sleep at the end of the bed or she'll sleep in the highest Kitty tower that I have or in her basket. We do get an occasional mouse in the house and both her and Simba do their duties by taking care of that for me. She's been known to gift me with her trophy kill! She's a good girl & she likes to actually sit on my shoulder for a while and just cuddle. She likes to sit on my lap or sit right next to me & doesn't mind being combed, likes being pet, uses the litter box just fine & I can cut her nails as well! She loves the laser pen, her toys, her tunnel & her catnip! She goes funny crazy with that spray! Give her a milk cap & that turns into kitty hockey or a big broken rubber band & she will make the most unusual whining cries & meowing. I don't know what she thinks it is, but it definitely gets her all worked up! Its a riot! She goes crazy over the catnip sprayed ball in the one green toy that I took a picture of. And of course, she walks all over my computer keyboard!!!! lol She eats the same food as her son Simba, the Purina complete. She, just like him can smell raw meat from anywhere in the house & will come begging for samples. She loves raw chicken just like he does. She's a very good girl who just needs to go to a loving forever home along with her son Simba who is a year younger than herself. No rabies because she's an inside cat only, but I do give her a distemper shot every other year. She's very healthy with no health issues & has only been to the vet once & that was to get spayed. She doesn't scratch anything in the house either. She really is the perfect little girl, about 7lbs at the most & I'm absolutely heartbroken over this decision, but I have no other choice. I'm getting divorced & moving 1200 miles away.

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