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Hound, Mixed Breed (Medium)


13+ Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Chickens
  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Guinea Pigs, Rats, Or Hamsters
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Spokane, WA


Bella’s has lost one of her owners within the past year and now her remaining owner must move into a long term skilled nursing facility, Bella needs a new loving home as well. Bella is a sweet dog, that despite being an only dog for the past few years was raised with other dogs. She loves other animals, in fact her current best friend is the neighbor cat who comes over to Bella in the yard every day. In her free time Bella enjoys laying in the yard to be near the birds and the squirrels that trust her enough to come down from the tree to feed on the ground near her. She also enjoys relaxing on her dog bed. While she can have spurts of energy and be quite playful in short bursts due to her more energetic days being behind her she is not likely to be found going on daily jogs, taking long walks on the beach, or jumping up into the car for outings, though with some help to get into my SUV and she does enjoy a car trip and will behave quite nicely in the car. Bella is trustworthy, reliable, and regular with regard to her bathrooming habits, she will go outside to do her business and walk the perimeter of the yard every morning, night, and a few times in between. While she can be left home alone for multiple hours on end she is more accustomed to being in the company of her people who right now consist of her owner Mom and myself, the caregiver of both Bella and her owner. Many home healthcare professionals visit and she is always very excited to welcome every person new friends or old with an exuberant greeting of barks. This can worry some new friends initially until they realize that it has been her way of alerting her people that something is happening that they need to be aware of. Once inside and introductions and acknowledgement pats on the head have been given Bella can know that her job has been done and return to her dog bed to calmly and quietly observe the interactions. Bella does exhibit the same behaviors outside in the yard alerting to passersby and even when being petted over the fence, once in the yard she knows that her job is done and can relax knowing that her people are aware of visitors and that they are safe. Bella received top class veterinary care for the majority of her life and is currently up to date with vaccinations, however her nail care had begun to be neglected as her aging owners ailments and abilities changed over the past couple of years. Her nails are mostly clear so you can see where her cuticle has grown out making nail trimming easier on one hand because you can see well to judge where to safely trim, but challenging in that as her inner cuticles and nerves have elongated even with proper trimming her nails still can appear to be too long. She is most trusting of allowing her nails to be trimmed after getting to watch another dog (mine :) ) have their nails trimmed first. Bella is a kind and friendly dog who is desperately in need of a caring and loving home that can love and care for her and appreciate her for who she is during this time of transition. I know that she will adjust well to the change because I cared for her previously when her owner Dad passed away and her owner mom was in a rehab facility for 3 months and Bella did great!
I believe that Bella is spayed but will need to confirm, I’ve marked unknown for now. Will update photos soon. Thank you for considering welcoming Sweet Bella into your life, home, family, pack so that she can have a forever family to spend the rest of her days with. 🥰🐾

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