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Australian (Blue Heeler) Cattle Dog


1 Year




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Greenville, SC


1 year and 4 months old, extremely intelligent, emotionally intuitive, and has lots of potential. Runs extremely fast, needs to be scent trained. Living in suburban neighborhood with average sized yard and me who works 8-5 is not good for her, needs more time, training, and job to do. Is easily trainable, loves and needs consistency. Knows: Sit, down down (aka lay down), please (aka beg), paw, play the piano (sings it when wants to go potty) is potty trained, knows: outside, gentle (take food from hand) snack, treat, now, not now, later (few hours time) and tomorrow. Also knows make nice (aka say sorry), understands sad, mad, ow, bedtime, all done, spin, stay, wait, go eat, go drink water, and come help. (She will lay on chest and give kisses to help with anxiety.)

Still resource guards me or human she is bonded to, better at sharing water than food. Protective over owners bags, will warn other dogs with barking and growling, and if other dog sniffs butt too long, provokes, or humps her she will retaliate but has no bite record. Needs to be more socialized, also pulls while on walks. Knows command let me for teeth brushing, ear and eye cleaning as well as nail grinding. Hates clippers prefers grinder. Always wants to play. Knows bring, give, drop it, get it, go get it. Knows words inside, outside, upstairs, and downstairs.

Hasn’t had much experience with children. Saw them once at a park but was more focused on protecting me. Loves deep pressure hugs and the thunder jacket, as well as hates rolling over or being directly on her back. Will lay on stomach or side.

Has sensitive stomach, will have diarrhea if has corn, soy, or wheat. Dog food brands: Pure Balance at Walmart or Pure Being from Aldi. Treats: Pure Being from Aldi, or Blue treats from Walmart.

Is more play protected than treat oriented, so throwing a toy or playing short game of tug of war is great reward when training her. Loves dog friendly bubbles and laser pointer, just don’t use it too often or her eyes will get too sensitive to light.

Paws are a little dry, could use some moisturizer, and needs to run a lot. She is definitely a cattle herding dog through and through, 100% Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog.

Will snuggle with you a little on bed, but doesn’t understand how chairs and couches work, she’s afraid she’ll fall because it’s not one level surface like a bed. Hasn’t figured out how to place her weight yet, so she will unintentionally stomp on you when on your lap sometimes.

Needs to be scent trained. If you come in wearing something different she won’t recognize you and will bark or boof at you until she recognizes you. She can smell and sniff just fine, she just hasn’t learned how to properly use her nose yet. For example, she won’t be able to find the ball unless she sees you throw it. Otherwise, she’ll lose track of it.

She thinks cats and small bunnies and squirrels are live squeaky toys and is very curious about them, but has never killed one of them.

Good about car rides, but can get excited or nervous when nearing destination. Might try to peek up in the front seat or will pace and whine and bark at other dogs through the windows.

I keep her fur soft by adding a little olive oil to her food, she gets fed 1 cup of kibble twice a day, breakfast and dinner. Olive oil keeps her coat soft. I also feed her four pills of brewers yeast a day, 2 at breakfast, 2 at dinner, to help with flea prevention and use anti-flea shampoo.

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