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Unknown Cat Breed


7 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Lynnwood, WA


I was born as a stray on a dairy farm in Bow, Washington and was adopted by my current owners (mom and dad) when I was a young kitten. My owners thought I was a mellow cat but it turns out I was just sick, and when I felt better they saw I am actually quite playful and sassy. For the last 7.5 years I have lived with my mom and dad and they had a baby about two years ago. I am not very friendly to the toddler and will hiss and growl when he gets too close to me, but I have not tried to scratch or bite him. I am not comfortable with strangers and prefer to lay in my cat hammock or under the bed during the day and then cuddle with my mom and dad at night. I especially like my dad. I do not allow them to trim my nails or groom me. I can be very feisty when someone does something that I don't like, but otherwise will keep to myself. If I am comfortable with you I will let you know when I want your attention. I have been known to jump on my mom's desk during her work day to purr and demand pets.

I am an indoor cat but my mom and dad have let me out in their fenced backyard a bit and I will hide under a bush. I think if we lived farther away from the noise of a street, I may like it more and would explore. In our old house, we had a big window next to a tree and a sidewalk and I loved watching the birds and the happenings in the neighborhood.

I am the only pet in the house but have been around a small dog. I don't like it but I think with time, I may come around to sharing my space with one as long as they don't pester me. I don't think I do well with another cat.

The way to my heart is to play with me, which sadly my parents do not have much time to do these days. I really love the "bird" on a string toy.

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