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Mixed Breed (Large)


11 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


League City, TX


Bren is 11 years old, born on Christmas Eve 2012. I rescued his mother on the side of a busy highway and she gave birth to him and 7 other pups. we managed to adopt out all the pups but Bren and his brother who was born with 3 legs. Bren is an amazing dog that is very loving and loyal. I can feed him steak by hand and he’ll gently take it from me without even touching me with his teeth. He is a sweet loving boy to humans. About 8 years ago I returned home from a business trip, and he and our other male dog were trying to get attention from me when they broke out in a fight over my attention. This was very bad for our other dog, and since then we have kept our dogs separated into two groups at all times; Bren with his mom whom he got along with fine, and Bren’s three legged brother and our other dog Moagli which he fought with. Fast forward to three weeks ago Moagli has died of old age and Bren’s three legged brother knubs is now alone without a companion. So we would let their mother be with both dogs so they wouldn’t get lonely. This last Thursday we had knubs outside with his mother and Bren inside when my wife accidentally let him inside with knubs and they proceeded to get into a horrible fight which my wife tried to break up, and ended in knubs being hospitalized. We have twin 2 month olds and we unfortunately decided it’s time to rehome this boy or euthanize him. I really don’t want to put him down, I love him so much , I don’t really even want to give him away but it must be done. He has been around many people of all different ages and never had a problem, but he can not be with another pet in the house. Ideally he would be great for someone who doesn’t have any kids or pets as he would be very protective and loving. This boy is truly the best dog you could ask for. Loving, loyal and sweet. He deserves that in return.

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