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Siberian Husky


8 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Oslo, MN


She is super sweet and pretty dog, raised on a military base. The previous owners got her as a newborn. She was raised with a smaller dog and 2 cats and was never violent with them. The owners got more dogs, eventually. One day while Ylva was out with the owner and the other dogs, she did a play-nip on the owner's arm and the other dogs took that as Ylva attacking the owner and attacked Ylva. After that, the other dogs would just start fighting with her when they came in contact, so they had to separate Ylva. They eventually had to move due to military reassignment and could not find a place to keep Ylva separated from the others in the new home, so they had to rehome her. We ended up taking her as the shelters near their home were full and their only option that wasn't us was a kill pound.
This was about 2 weeks ago and she warmed up to me in less than 5 days, though she was pretty shy at first. All she wants is cuddles and play with a human. She loves treats, especially pizza-bacon strips. Doesn't play fetch, but loves chasing the Nylabones.
She is great with our cats, but our cats are not so great with her. Her presence is causing them a lot of stress and one of them is now forming cysts on his side due to the stress. They are going to the bathroom outside the box now, and one of them has struck her. She did not retaliate, but she did yip and skittered away. We are afraid our cats will hurt her, and they have been here for years so we have to prioritize them. Due to this, we have had to keep her separated from them for her own safety, and she doesn't deserve that.
She does want to play with cats, if they allow her to, but she isn't rough with them.
We also vastly underestimated the cost and needs of having a dog vs having cats and don't think we can afford to give her the life she deserves.
She is a super sweet dog that will make a great companion for someone that can spend the time with her.
The previous owners described her as a "cat in a dog costume" and a "dainty little princess".
She obeys fences and does not try to dig or jump to escape them. She just needs to see what her boundaries are or she will think the world is her boundary.
Gets scared by loud noises like fireworks, thunder, and tornado sirens.
She will be super shy at first and will take a few days to a couple weeks to warm up to a new owner. We bought a lot of stuff for her that we can send with her to help her adjust.
It is killing us to have to rehome her as she has already bonded with us, but we feel it is the best thing to do for her. She just wants to play, cuddle, and sleep in the bed with her human(s).

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